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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beach House 2007


That pretty much sums up our annual Beach House Trip!
My mother rents a house in Carpinteria (15 mins south of Santa Barbera) every year and this was our annual trip. The weather could not have been more perfect and sunny. On Tuesday, it was actually a little too warm, but we enjoyed the sun nonetheless. We were not looking forward to coming home to cold, but luckily it is a nice warm day today to adjust us back to Utah weather before it really starts to freeze.
We are sad to be home from the beach, but always glad to settle back into our own routines and sleep in our own beds. I love vacationing, but sleep is usually not the best when you have little ones. Dylan was up between 4:30 and 5:30 am everyday of the trip and then I was faced with keeping him quiet until 7:00 so everyone else could sleep. Oh well, that's life with babies! I did, however, get to sleep in today because Danny didn't have school. It was great, but still not enough. I don't know when it ever will be.
Just to catch you up on Danny's job hunt...He's had interviews with Honeywell, United Rentals, Union Pacific, Ford and Orica. They all seemed to go well and now we just wait to hear if he makes the next round of interviews. It's kind of exciting to think of all the possibilties that lay before us, but on the other hand it sure would be nice to know what we were planning for and where. These companies are located all over the United States, so we are just looking forward to knowing where we will be headed after graduation in April. Heaven only knows!
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Family Photos

I had set an appointment a few weeks in advance to get some family pictures done (very unusual for me as I am normally a "last minute" type!) However, I was trying to work around all of our busy schedules. Well, I got the right outfits and my hair done and was all set to go. I even found the perfect setting. The time arrives and it all looks like it is going quite well....Then as we were hiking (walking up hill a little way) Jesse says that his tummy hurts. I thought that he was just hungry because in my haste to get everything ready for the pictures that day, I had inadvertently forgotten to feed my children lunch. Anyhoo, I told him that we would be done shortly and then we'd get something to eat. We no sooner began shooting the pics when Jesse says that he has to throw up...and he did (poor guy!) Good thing we were outside! Anyway...this is the results, they're pretty good considering.

How did I get such cute little kids and such a handsome hubby!!! I am blessed.