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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poor Baby!

It turns out that poor little James has pneumonia. I took him to the Dr yesterday morning and sure enough he has it.
It started with a fever last Thursday. I took him to urgent care on Friday and the PA said it was nothing...sometimes babies get fevers. I almost had to beg her to at least look in his ears and stuff...since we were there. On Saturday he got congested and started coughing a bit and his fever was still there. Yesterday morning I decided to take him to his dr, but almost canceled because he seemed to be feeling a little better. I'm glad I didn't cancel.
Just so you know...he didn't have a very high fever and he didn't seem like he was struggling to breathe, just a low fever and a simple cold...or so it seemed. I'm not one that rushes to the dr every time my kid sniffles, but I am glad that I followed my instincts this time.
The dr gave him a big dose of antibiotics via a shot and after 3 sleepless nights (for both of us) he slept pretty good last night...and in his own crib. I am so grateful for that, I didn't know if I was going to survive one more night without sleep.
Thank goodness for priesthood blessings and for dr's that do their job!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Many updates

We were out of town for a week and then as soon as we got back, James got sick, so I have not been able to update for a while...make sure that you scroll down and get all caught up on the Thatcher happenings.
PS: there's nothing sadder than a sick little boy...not even a mom with no sleep (maybe!!)

2 Funerals and a Blessing

When I received the news of Natalie's passing, I quickly made flight arrangements to attend her funeral. The day before I was to fly out, however, I learned that Papa had passed away as well and then quickly canceled my plans, got ready, loaded up the kids and made the 13 hour journey to CA.
Natalie's funeral was on Saturday and it was a very nice tribute to her life and all the goodness that she left behind.
Danny flew down on Saturday morning and since we were in town and hadn't blessed James yet, we decided to do it then with all of our family (only Danny's dad was going to be able to make it up here for the blessing, which was going to be today.)
Danny gave James a very sweet blessing and it was extra sweet because we were able to be with both sides of the family.After the blessing we had lunch at Danny's brother's house. It was fun to have all the Thatcher cousins (except Drae...we missed ya!) together. Thanks, Steve and Kirsten for having us all over!Tuesday was Papa's funeral. My sister, Jamie and brother, Ben, both gave excellent tributes to his life. My cousin, Shannon, wrote a wonderful poem for Papa and his former students and colleague also shared great memories of his life. It really was a celebration of a life well-lived. After the funeral we went to the cemetary to dedicate his grave and lay him to rest along side our dear GG. Then we were back on the road to head home.
It was a quick trip and it was so nice to see family and friends. Next time, though, I would like it to be for other reasons than for funerals. I think I have reached my quota for a while.

Dear Papa

A great man left this earth and I was lucky enough to have him as my grandpa, whom we affectionately called Papa.
I am so grateful for the gospel that lets me know that he is with my grandma, GG, again. There's was nothing but a love story and I am so glad that it did not have an end, but will continue forever.
In his 90 years he did so much for so many. He was a wonderful son, brother, teammate, war hero, friend, husband, father, teacher, principal, grandfather and great-grandfather. Papa wanted to live forever, but his body finally gave out. I know that GG was thrilled to have him back with her.
It was amazing. At his funeral there were students and faculty there that he had worked with nearly 60 years ago. He had made such an impact on their lives that a few of them even requested to speak at the services. It was nice to hear how he had blessed their lives as he had his family's.
When I got the call about his death, I was sad for only a minute because he will be missed, but I know that he is so much more comfortable and happy and I know we will see him again.
Bye for now, Papa, we will see you again!

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Sweet Natalie

(Natalie, left, Aubrey and myself when Natalie visited us in Utah)
About 2 weeks ago I got a call from my friend Laura letting me know that our friend, Natalie, from Simi had passed away. It was such a shock. This is the second friend that I have lost in less than a year and she was from the same group of friends as Ginger who passed away last July. I was so saddened by this, she was such a wonderful person and she will be sorely missed.
Let me tell you some things about this sweet gal:
She was one of the first people that I met when we moved to Simi Valley. She had a ready smile and a warm greeting. We became fast friends and from what I heard at the funeral, this was not unusual for her.
Natalie was the best mother. She loved all kids, but especially her own. I never once heard her raise her voice to her children (or anyone for that matter) even if they deserved it. She was so patient, kind and loving to her children. I wanted to be more like her (and still do!)
Natalie was a giver. She was quick to serve and loved the opportunity, you could just tell.
Natalie kept an immaculate house. I always seem to pick the friends that make me feel like Pigpen! But she never acted grossed out or uncomfortable at my house. I still want to be more like Natalie in that area, too!
Natalie was so positive and supportive. She was a great listener and never judged another for their weaknesses. I always made it a point to see her whenever we went back to CA because I loved visiting with her so much. I will miss seeing her on my trips back.
Natalie suffered from depression and took her own life.
Natalie was a beautiful person, inside and out.
I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that knows and understands the struggles and heartaches of each one of us. I know I will meet this great lady again someday. Until then, her example will live with me. Thanks, Natalie.

Easter Fun

We had a fun Easter this year. We decided that we were going to do our Spring Celebration on Saturday so that we could have more time, but more so that we could leave Easter Sunday for the real meaning of Easter.
The Spring Bunny made his visit on Saturday morning bringing lots of gifts and goodies. And, of course, eggs to hunt!We even had some bunny pancakes!No one said that I was an arteest in the kitchen, but my kids thought they were cool...and that's who really matters!
And, of course the obligatory Easter dress up pictures. I only got a couple because we were running late to church as usual!We had a yummy dinner with our friends, the Hatches...and that just about sums up Easter 2009. We hope yours was fun, too.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

We love cousins!!!
My sister, Jamie, and her family came to visit us this past week and we had so much fun. We went up to Santa Fe and to Bandalier National monument (that has the Pueblo Indian cave dwellings) and the kids just played and played and the grown ups got to visit...It was a great week and we were sad to see them go. Here are some pics from their visit.Yikes!All the cousins (except my brother's kids, they'll have to come visit next time!)Thanks for coming guys, we miss you already!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Months

James had his two month appt. last week and he weighed in at 10 lbs and measured 24 1/2" (I think they were a little off on that one because that is the 90th percentile and that means he grew 3" in one month!) Anyway, I know you didn't come here to listen to (read) me , you just wanna see the cutie-pie...without further ado:And a little smile to leave you with:Isn't he so cute???
We had a little set back this week on his sleeping. My sister's family came for spring break and we had a house-full, so I didn't feel like I could let him cry, but tonight we will be back on track...I'm too tired again.
He's such a good baby! It's amazing how a little one can come into your family and in just two months be such a huge part of it that you feel like he's always been there. I already can't really remember not having him here. What a blessing these little ones are. What a blessing to be a mom.

Friday, April 3, 2009

OS: Night 4 & 5

Night 4
Down at 10 (wouldn't go any earlier) Slept til 4 (yeah!), ate, then slept til almost 8 (yeah, again!)

Night 5:
Not as good (he had shots yesterday) but still pretty good. Down at 9-ish, slept til 2:30, ate then slept til about 6-ish. We'll get back on track tonight!

For those of you wondering, this is the system that I am using.
I feed James really well and then put him to sleep while he is still awake. If he falls asleep while nursing, I wake him up by laying him down on his back, changing his diaper, etc. (my babies sleep on their tummies-please don't turn me into child services, it's the only way they will sleep and they are so much more comfortable...besides, I slept on my tummy!) I decided that I would only feed him once during the night and originally picked 2am as his feeding time (I have since moved it to 4am as he has proven that he can do it!) and then if he wakes up before 4am, I won't pick him up, I will just pat him every 5 minutes or so until he falls back asleep. Then I decided that I won't get him up until at least 6am, if he wakes up before then, I do the same pattern as above.
I don't know if it is James or if it's just that I started this way earlier on him than I did with the others, but this time is much (soooo much!) easier. I think it might be a combination of both. I was going to wait until about 3 months to start, but he was waking every 2 hours (give or take) and sleeping with me for half the night and I was exhausted, more so than with the others. I suppose the whole "advanced maternal age" carries beyond just pregnancy!
Anyway, it's working so well and I have to think that starting this early has helped tremendously. Good luck to anyone using this advice, I hope it helps...You can do it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OS: Night 3

Down at 9 (I had Enrichment night), up at 1am (too early), James fussed on and off til just before 2 then slept until 4 (I did not wake him up at this point, however I did not sleep too well because I was expecting him to wake up at any moment!), slept until 7am-ish. Hurray! It seems to be working!
I was thrilled that he slept until 4am, I may make this my new target. I know that he can do it!
Later I will go into a little more detail of what I am doing, some of you have asked. I am off to Gymnastics! Happy Hump Day! Oh, and April Fool's Day!