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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OS: Night 3

Down at 9 (I had Enrichment night), up at 1am (too early), James fussed on and off til just before 2 then slept until 4 (I did not wake him up at this point, however I did not sleep too well because I was expecting him to wake up at any moment!), slept until 7am-ish. Hurray! It seems to be working!
I was thrilled that he slept until 4am, I may make this my new target. I know that he can do it!
Later I will go into a little more detail of what I am doing, some of you have asked. I am off to Gymnastics! Happy Hump Day! Oh, and April Fool's Day!


laura said...

i'm glad it's working, but i was maybe secretly hoping that you'd need a visit from me! just kidding, but i would love to visit.

Emily said...

Very impressive...but I'm giving James ALL the credit;)

Karalee said...

Yay! It's working. Keep up the good work!