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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Operation Sleep: Night 2

Thank you to all of my cheerleaders! As you all know this can be a difficult time for a mother and I appreciate all the encouragement.
He did pretty well again last night. Down at 8:30, up at 1:30 (close enough) Down by 2, up at 4, fussed on and off for an hour and then was up at 5:30...I figured it was close enough, so I fed him and then he slept til almost 8am. Much better than up every 2 hours. There was less crying, so I hope that it keeps getting better.
Thanks again...I love you all!


laura said...

good job! it looks like there's hope after all!

Lena said...

Poppy - I thought of you three times last night when I was doing the same thing with Annelise. I am trying again tonight...my night was similar, but I had to go to work today. UGH!

Pamela said...

Kudos for doing something now. I still have my 15 month Wes in bed with me most nights...what will I do if he doesn't learn to sleep on his own before the next one comes...that would be July...holy crap!

Jen Lynn said...

2 months old? Awesome. I'm totally interested in seeing how this works out for you. I never started until like 5 months. If it works for you, I'm on it!