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Thursday, September 30, 2010


September brought with it...

**"School" for DylanIt's actually just a program through the parks and rec here in town. They have a free pre-k program through the school district, but we didn't have the lucky lottery number!! We are still on the waiting list and hope to make it into the school before too much longer. In the meantime he is having a good time at Kidzone.

**A trip to Dixon apple farms with the Hatches for some delicious Champagne apples. The best in NM (or so we are told.) It was a beautiful drive up to the orchards and we had fun getting the apples from the source. We drove away with over 150 lbs of apples...40 of which were for us, the rest were delivered to friends.
**And lucky number 7 for GraceThe highlight of the day being a trip to the mall with Mom to get her ears pierced (she's been waiting for over a year) and to buy some new school clothes.

We also had a flower cake (per request) and her daddy "turned" her 7.
We love Grace...the princess of the family. So glad that you are ours!