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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 and 3

The end of January brings a couple of birthdays to the Thatcher Clan, which culminates in a few days worth of celebrations. This year was no different.
Jesse turned the big 1-0! I cannot believe that I have a kid in double digits...I guess it's all down hill from here! Soon we will be spiraling headlong into the teen years. Heaven help us!

For his birthday he wanted waffles for dinner and we opened his presents. He also was "turned" 10 by his dad.

James turned in his "Terrible 2's" for the "Thrilling 3's"...one can hope anyway!

To celebrate both birthdays, we went to an indoor playground called Makutu's Island...always good for a fun time.

And we finished off the weekend with cake and presents for James. Jesse requested a "desert island" cake and James was just along for the ride. I think this may be the last year that I can get away with just one cake between the two of them, I'm sure James will have his own opinion by next year!

And just so I can toot my own horn a bit, here's a close up of the cake, I think it turned out pretty cute!

Don't mind the messy desk in the background!

I love my two sweet birthday boys...life just wouldn't be as much fun without them!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Good Citizen

Grace earned a Character Counts: Citizenship Award at her school. Grace is always so kind and helpful to her teacher and classmates. We are so proud of our good citizen!

A Bear no more!

Jesse earned his Bear in Cub Scouts and has now graduated to Webelos.

Despite his serious face, he is very excited to begin Webelos. Although I am sad that he is leaving my Bear den, I am excited for him because he has some awesome new den leaders that are way more fun than his old mom! Good job, Jess!