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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Take me out to the ball game! We got to go see the Isotopes (our minor league baseball team, associated with the Dodgers) play a game. It was fun to go with the kids and they seemed to enjoy it as well.

We also got a visit from the Allens-some good friends from our Simi days. They were passing through Abq on their cross country trip from CA to FL. We were so glad that they pit-stopped with us for a day. It was fun to see how grown up everyone keeps getting and to catch up.
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We did celebrate the 4th of July this year, but the party was at our house and I was the host, so no pictures were taken. It was fun, nonetheless and we had a great time celebrating our freedoms.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A solo camping trip

I know...I have been terrible about posting. I'm sure that I have lost all of my loyal fans! It's just that I have been feeling lazy and uninspired, besides not many noteworthy happenings going on lately...that is until this past weekend! I apologize and commit to doing better in the future...I hope you will come back and visit me!

So, I convinced Danny to take a day off this past Friday (amazing feat, I know!) and we headed for the hills (the mountains really) to do our very first camping trip all by ourselves! We have only been camping a couple of times since we've been married and it was with my family both times.

We felt so grown up heading out to the wild! We went to the Jemez Mountains that are only a little more than an hour's drive from our house, but a world away! It was so beautiful!
As soon as we got our camp set up (and after the rain subsided!) we went on a little hike to Jemez Falls.
On the trail
The falls and scenery

It was just gorgeous. The kids even got to play in the pools above the falls. That would've been more fun if it wasn't raining and cool at that moment!

Soon after we got back to camp, the clouds drifted away and the sun was bright and warm again. Good thing, too, because we had a little rain get into the tent and soak Grace's sleeping bag, but it dried before it was time for bed...gotta love the dry, NM air!

Around camp
We just stayed over one night...it was a trial run...but the trip was declared a success. We had a great time and survived a night out in the woods. And best of all, we created some fun memories!

Side note: Here are the skies over our house this evening during one of our monsoons. Just beautiful!
The pictures do not do it justice! Click on the pictures and you can see that it is a double rainbow, full arches. It was just too close to get a full picture. I just love the NM skies.