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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 and 9

We had a couple of birthdays that need to be recognized. Jesse turned 9 on Jan. 26 and James turned 2 on Jan. 30. Time keeps marching on no matter how much I would like it to slow down sometimes!
Jesse picked a dog cake because he thought that James would like it...he can be pretty sweet sometimes. He didn't mind at all sharing his b-day with his "mini-me!"
James got a slide.I think he was happy!Jesse got a new bike and some Fablehaven books (which are really good!) Sorry, no pic! But his dad did turn him 9...
I think this is the last year for him to be "turned" in this manner!

Just for the record...James had his 2 year check up and he is finally legal to be facing forward in his car seat! He was 20.6 lbs and 32" tall. He finally registers on the charts for his height in the 5th percentile and is still below the charts for his weight in the -5th percentile. Oh well, I don't think that he will ever have to worry about childhood obesity!

I'm happy that my boys had a good birthday this year. I love those boys so much and are grateful they came to our family.