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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home sweet home!

I wanted to wait until I had everything put away and cleaned up, but that is going to take a while and I have people breathing down my neck to see pictures of the new house.  Things aren't as perfect as I would like them to be, but here are the pictures of the house. Please excuse the boxes and other out of place items. I will do better posts of the individual areas as I complete them.

Walking up the front walk

The front porch

The entryway (straight ahead is the family room to the right are the living and dining rooms)

The living room (our dump room for the moment) with the dining room beyond

The family room (from multiple angles)

Hallway to the bedrooms

Girls' bathroom

 Grace's and Milly's room

James' and Dylan's room

Master bedroom

Master bath (um, the 80's called and they would like their gold swirl tub back!)

I love these stools!

Soon to be Command Central!

Dining room

Boys' bathroom

Jesse's room/playroom (for now)

Laundry room

Backyard (the fence will come down, it cuts off the rest of the yard)

The house is about 2500 sqft and sits on a little over an acre with several fruit, (apricot, plum, peach, fig) citrus, (orange, tangelo, lemon, grapefruit) pecan and shade trees. The kids counted them today and there are 23 trees on our property. Standing out on our property, you would never know that you were in AZ...except for the heat! 
We finally moved in last weekend after spending a month painting, installing new floors and carpet, cleaning, etc. There is still much updating and decorating to be done, and I am looking forward to making this place ours. We feel so blessed to have found and gotten this house. We just love it! Hope you enjoyed the tour!