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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

So this year, I did not even pretend to think that I would get a Christmas card out...way less stressful that way! This post will serve as our "official" holiday greeting.
Besides our sweet little James joining the family, 2009 was a pretty quiet, pleasant year for the Thatchers. So, without further ado, here are the family updates:

10 1/2 months. Our little runt...but oh so cute. He's finally just starting to crawl normally, but resorts to the army crawl when he wants to go quickly. He started pulling himself up to a standing position this past week. He seems to be following in his older siblings' footsteps in the sleep department. Nights are still a struggle, we seem to be constantly training and retraining this little guy! We are finally getting somewhere with his eating solids. The past few days he has eaten quite a bit which makes me very happy! He's such a happy, sweet baby and will melt your heart with his big, cheesy grin. We love him to pieces!

3 years old. Rambunctious, rough and tumble, 100% boy! Loves anything that shoots, hits, digs, hammers or causes destruction in general or makes load noises. Our little clown (I fear for his future teachers!) He is constantly making us laugh, he says the funniest things. He loves playing make believe with his toys, which is very entertaining if you get an opportunity to listen in! His toys fight and argue a lot...I wonder what this says about his home life! Just yesterday he was playing with our Little People nativity set and I heard him crying and called out to him to find out what was wrong and he said, "I am not crying, it's baby Jesus!" It was so cute and funny! Every family needs a Dylan!

6 years old. She is our star kindergartner and has had 100% attendance so far this year (an accomplishment not only for her, but for her mom as well! We didn't do so hot with Jesse last year...trips to CA were just too tempting!) She loves school and her wonderful teachers. She loves to read (which makes her mom really happy) and is really good at it. Grace loves her baby brother and is a great helper with him. She is so sweet and happy...except when she's not! She holds her own as the only girl with 3 brothers. Grace brings sweetness to our lives.


7 years old (soon to be 8). Jesse is in 2nd grade this year and is an excellent reader and speller. He's our Mr. Smarty Pants. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. We are on the verge of having a big kid! Jesse looks forward to getting baptized and starting scouts next month. He is a great big brother when he is not teasing and tormenting Grace and Dylan! We love our biggest boy!

Danny is keeping busy with work at Intel. He is also enjoying teaching early morning seminary (all except the "early morning" part!) And I am still here trying to be a good mom, wife and contributing member of society! It's definitely a work in progress!

We are looking forward to a fun and relaxing Christmas here at home and welcoming in the new year in California.

We are also mindful of our Savior, whose birth we celebrate at this time of year. How grateful we are for His life and sacrifice on our behalf.

We are so thankful at this time for all of you, our friends and family. You enrich our lives immensely and we love you all. We hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm still here!

Sorry for the lack of posting! I have 2 excuses...
1. Nothing blogworthy
2. I have been lost in Green Gables, Queens, Redmond, Windy Poplars, Ingleside and Rainbow Valley, but I am back (and missing Anne!) and will have a Christmas post up tomorrow (if all goes well, I am suffering a little writer's block!)
Thanks for sticking with me!