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Thursday, May 17, 2012


It has been a bit of an eventful May so far...and we're only half way through! The first week was not so busy, but this last week has been a little crazy, but all good things.

Mother's Day
Dylan's sweet teacher, Mrs. Sears, held a Mother's tea for us moms on Friday. It was so fun to be there with my handsome Dylan. Then on Saturday, Danny and the kids gave me the day off. It was nice to spend some time all by my lonesome...however, I have reconfirmed that I really hate shopping. I wished I had just spent the day reading or something more relaxing. I definitely need to hire out all shopping trips! I think I'd rather clean my house than shop...now that's saying something! Sorry...back to celebrations. Danny really outdid himself this year. He's not much of a cook (or wasn't) but he wanted to make something special for me. I have to hand it to him...he made delicious spinach and sun-dried tomato stuffed pork chops, a yummy strawberry avocado salad with honey vinaigrette and rice. I saw the pork chop recipe and thought that it was pretty ambitious for an amateur, but it turned out really good. He and his sous chefs (Jesse and Grace) pulled it off and it was great to have a yummy dinner that I didn't have to make! I was spoiled and it was fun!

On Tuesday, we had a special opportunity to go see the Angel Moroni get placed atop the new Gilbert Temple.

It has been so fun to live so close (about 5 miles) to a temple being built. We have watched it's progress for the past year. But it was so wonderful to be there for this part. I pulled the kids out of school a little early and we went and sat across the street from the temple in 105 degree weather. We were hot, but it was so worth it. I'm so grateful that my kids have that memory. They'll always have a special feeling toward "their" temple! How blessed we are to have temples and to have a beautiful one so close!

And finally, tonight was Danny's 38th birthday. We are now the same age for a month!

We celebrated with some pie and a few "practical" gifts (his favorite kind!) We sure love that daddy of ours and hope that he had a good birthday!

Tomorrow, Jesse has a State fair at school presenting his project on National Historic sites of AZ, then all the boys are heading out to the father/son camp out, Grace has a birthday party to go to, then we get to hang out...just us girls. Ad then it's on to our last week of school and all the craziness that comes with it (kinder graduation, academic lunches and so on!) Bring it on...I'm ready!

One Whole Year!

Ok so, technically, she is nearly 14 months old, but I never posted her 1 year pictures and stats...so here goes!

Our beautiful little Milly is ONE!

Isn't she pretty? As pretty as she is, she is also such a sweet, happy girl and we just love, love, love her. She is just so much fun and brings our family such JOY!

One year stats
20lbs 13oz (70%)
29" (40%)
head 18cm (60%)

At one, she had 4 teeth, was crawling everywhere and always getting filthy because she loves to be outside! Since her birthday (3/22), in the past few days, she has started getting up and walking a bit. Today she took 20+ steps. It's so fun to see all the kids get excited about her accomplishments. It looks like she will be walking steadily very soon. This makes her my 2nd earliest walker (Dyl was walking at 13mos.) She's also my 2nd biggest baby at a year behind Dylan as well. 

This year has flown by and I am just enjoying all of Milly's milestones and watching her grow. We have so much fun with our almost toddler! As always, we are so grateful for her!