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Monday, April 23, 2012

A quick little catch up!

I really should do an individual post for each one of these, but I don't have the time or energy to do that. So here is a quick catch up to bring this up to date and then a renewed commitment to keep it that way!

First off, we headed for the hills over Spring Break and went for a camping trip at Santa Catalina State Park down it Tucson. We planned on spending 2 nights, but it was too cold at night and too hot during the day with not much to do around the campsite and not enough shade. So we wimped out and went home after one night and a hike in the mountains. It was beautiful, nonetheless and we had a good time!

Next up was Milly's first birthday...where did that year go? We celebrated with a little cake and the traditional "let her eat her own cupcake and see how messy she gets!"

The end of March brought Jesse's very last Pinewood Derby. His car was awesome and even though he didn't place. he looked cool doing it!

April started with Easter, of course. The Friday before, we hosted a fun Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Eggstravaganza! I was too busy organizing the hunt, egg toss and water games so I wasn't able to fit photographer into the fray, so unfortunately, there are no pictures. But it was a lot of fun and just may be a new annual event!
Saturday morning brought buckets of treats from the ol' Easter Bunny!

And Sunday brought the obligatory Easter outfits and rushed photo shoot...it's not great, but it was the best we could do in less than 5 minutes and without Mom completely losing her temper! (Just telling it like it is!) They looked really cute anyway!

Finally, we had a visit from Uncle Steve and Aunt Kirsten plus Suzie, Eli and Wesley. It was fun to have them hang out with us, although we missed the rest of the crew. Here are some pics from a trip to the zoo.

 A couple of other significant events are worth noting. We said "goodbye" to our old, faithful Ford Windstar with 160,000+ miles on it and said "hello" to our "new" 2008 silver Honda Odyssey with 46,000 miles. We love it!

Also, we made an offer on a short sale and hopefully we will be able to call this place home soon! Keeping our fingers crossed!

And there you have it!