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Monday, November 24, 2008

My 101st Post

I wanted to do this for my 100th post, but I am one too late! To celebrate my 101st post, here are 101 things about me. You may or may not know them, you may or may not find them interesting, but here they are (let's see if I can come up with 101, I'm really not that interesting!)
1. I lived in the same house until I was 20 years old
2. I've moved about 19 times since!
3. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley (just outside of LA)
4. I am an original "Valley Girl"-Like, totally! Oh my gosh!
5. I was the only Laurel in YW for a year before a couple of Mia Maids moved up.
6. I am a Camp Crafter (in the YW's camping program)
7. That was back when we actually camped in tents, cooked our own food, and had no flushing toilets!
8. I have one terrific big sister
9. and two good-looking (not so) little brothers
10. My parents divorced when I was 20
11. My mom is the most fun mom
12. My dad is the hardest working, most creative guy around
13. I served a mission in Boise, ID
14. I was never going to be a missionary!
15. I joked about going to Idaho
16. so much so that my mom and friends did not believe me when I told them
17. It was the best mission ever
18. I was married 9-9-00
19. makes it easy to remember
20. My husband, Danny is the best (he even does dishes without being asked...I know you are all jealous!)
21. I was engaged twice before Danny
22. Third times the charm!
23. All I ever wanted to do growing up was to get married
24. I was 27 before I saw that day
25. I have 1 smart, beautiful girlie-girl
26. 1 smart, handsome, conscientious boy
27. 1 smart, cute, destructive boy
28. and one more boy on the way
29. I wonder what he will be like
30. I don't love being pregnant
31. but am grateful for the blessing that it is
32. I get pregnant really easily
33. I am not looking forward to delivering this little guy
34. but I can't wait to meet him
35. I love my bed
36. I sleep on the edge
37. often with limbs hanging over
38. I do not like to snuggle or be touched while I sleep-sorry, Danny!
39. I have to be able to stick my feet out of the covers
40. I hate to get up
41. especially before 7am
42. Dylan has been getting up between 5:30 and 6am lately
43. and he can get out of his bed
44. I am buying a child-proof door knob cover today for the inside of his door
45. I watch too much TV
46. but not as much as I used to
47. I play on the internet too much
48. I let my kids do the same
49. I'm lazy
50. and a terrible procrastinator
51. I hate this about myself
52. I would love to be "super mom"
53. and have a clean and tidy house
54. my body will not comply!
55. I hate clutter and get rid of stuff constantly
56. or don't get anything to begin with
57. yet I can't keep my house clean...what gives!
58. I have too much hair
59. I hate onions
60. I don't like coconut
61. Bananas are not my favorite, but I can tolerate them.
62. ....sometimes
63. I have a horrible sweet tooth
64. I have to eat dessert with almost every meal
65. baked goods are my favorite (cookies, cake, brownies, etc.)
66. candy will sometimes suffice
67. but not always
68. I really don't like nuts in my baked goods
69. I used to beg my dad to leave them out...he wouldn't
70. I've gotten really good at picking them out
71. I have to have the toilet paper roll coming over the top
72. and squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom
73. I rarely eat the last bite of my sandwich, burger, etc.
74. It drives Danny crazy
75. Out of sheer habit, I still tap the top of my soda can before opening, I don't even know that I'm doing it...Danny does!
76. I love Dr. Pepper
77. I wear flip flops nearly year-round
78. I don't like close-toed shoes
79. I hate when windshield wipers squeak
80. They must be going only as fast as is necessary
81. Jesse says that I sound like a trumpet when I blow my nose
82. I blow my nose a lot lately
83. I used to have a photographic memory
84. now I am a 35mm in a digital world
85. Kids did that to me
86. and the lack of use over the past several years
87. I need to upgrade!
88. I've never been out of the country
89. Except for Tijuana, Mexico
90. That doesn't really count
91. If money, time and children were not a factor, I would travel the world
92. I wish that I had done that before getting married
93. I had the time, but not the resources
94. I hate carpet in main living areas
95. My kids destroy it
96. My dream house has wood floors throughout
97. Except the bedrooms
98. I would love to design and build my own furniture
99. I will someday
100. Almost there!
101. I love the blogosphere!
Whew...we made it! I hope you stayed with me through that all. Now you know a little more about me...the good, the bad and the ugly. Don't love me any less for my faults, I was just trying to be honest!
Happy 101st!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Boy Thatcher update

I had yet another ultrasound the other day (it's my 4th-this baby is already high maintenance!) This is partly because I am of "Advanced Maternal Age" but mostly because one of the baby's kidneys continues to have fluid around it. I have to go back for another ultrasound in 5 weeks and see if it is still the same or bigger. If it is, I have to see a Pediatric Urologist soon after the baby is born. Now, it's not as bad as it sounds, apparently a baby's ureter (the tube that runs to the bladder) can get a "kink" in it and 90% of the time it fixes itself soon after delivery, so it is just precautionary at this point. I am not too worried about it, we will just wait and see. Anyway, here are some pictures of the ultrasound. I never got the 4d ones with my other kids, they are still kind of alien-esque, but his little guy sure has a cute little nose.You'll have to click on it to make it bigger, I was too lazy to crop them all!
There you have it, the latest on the baby front. We are now 3 months away from d-day and I am still trying to decide if I am going to have a planned C-section or try a VBAC. Both options scare me and so part of me is wondering why there can't be a third option! As the time gets closer I get a little more nervous about how this one is going to enter this world...please be a lot less eventful than last time!!
The days seem to drag at times and at others it seems to be flying by. Time is funny that way!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Girls' Night Out

While down in CA, I had a mini reunion with some of my oldest (read longest-time!) friends. We went to dinner, got massages, spent the night at the Marriott and then had breakfast the next day. I've known some of these gals since I was 5, but all of them since 12. We all grew up in the same ward in CA. I had such a great time with these wonderful women and only wish that we had more time to catch up. We'll have to do it again in the next few years. Maybe a fun trip somewhere.They had this really cool Chinese foot massage place that was wonderful. For $25 you get your feet, neck, shoulders, etc. massaged for an hour. I think that they need one of those places here in NM, I'd much rather get one of those than a pedicure any day and they're the same price! Thanks, ladies, for a fun time...we missed you Dannielle! You'll have to make it next time, so don't go buying any more houses! See you all in a few years-maybe sooner!

Beach House 2008

Ok, so I have been back a few days now and I have been "procrastinating the day" of this post because I knew it would be a long one....so, here I am because I know that so many of you are on pins and needles just waiting for the run down!!!
We left for the long drive on Thursday Oct. 30th after Jesse got out of school and made it to Flagstaff, AZ by about 8pm. Here's a picture of the beautiful sunset that evening: (no I am not the best photographer even when I have both hands and am not trying to keep the car on the road!)The natural beauty is still there despite my lack of photo skilz! (I've never used that word before...does it make me sound cool?!?)
We stayed in Flagstaff for the night and were on the road bright and early the next day. As we drove into Carpinteria (9 hours later, ugh!) they were having trick or treating on the main street in all the little shops, so we pulled over and put on costumes so we could join in the festivities (and I knew that it would get me out of going door to door later!) It was so much fun, they had a little haunted house set up and face painting. The kids had a great time and I was done with Halloween for another year!The rest of the week was spent relaxing on the beach, playing with cousins and just having a grand old time. We love going to the beach house, it's always a good time. Sometimes we head up to Santa Barbara zoo and the wharf, but this year we just stayed put and relaxed the time away with my family. Here are some of the good times:Grandma Christie (my mom) with all her grandkids...Grace was having a moment and would not look at the camera! Notice how all my nieces and nephews are smiling and looking cute...what happened to my kids???Cute cousins ready for a pajama party! The uncles (my two bros.) dug this big hole for the kids and they played in it for hours. It was their little restaurant and they kept serving us their delicacies non-stop. A little sand anyone?My s.i.l, Melissa (the young, fun aunt!) doing a silly dance with the kids, they loved it. I should really try to be more fun...nah! That's what we have aunts for!Dyl with his newest cousin, Addison (she's only 4 months old!) She was such an amazingly good baby and I am praying for one just like her. She spent most of the time hanging out in her bouncer and watching all the fun go on around her. Where do I place my order?Jesse's impressive, never-ending shell collection. I'm glad we made it away without the bulk of them!Dyl loved sliding on his belly into the "restaurant". I'm afraid that his shirt didn't make it (I forgot to spray it before I washed it, bummer!)My three little beach bums (don't ask me about the "statue of liberty" boy...I don't have an answer!)Another beautiful sunset. It's times like these that I wish that I had a really cool camera and some picture taking know how. It really was a lot more beautiful than depicted above. There really is nothing like a sunset over the ocean.Just a little shadow fun...check out that belly!
I was originally going to just put up a slide show, but this was much more fun. I have more fun pics so here are the rest in slide show format.
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So, that was our week. We had a little rain, some cool days and some 75 degree, sunny perfect days. Well worth the long drive. We love spending time with the family and playing at the beach. Thanks, Grandma Christie for making it possible.

PS... from sunny California to this:We ran into a snow storm in Flagstaff on the way home...welcome to winter! It was beautiful, though.