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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A solo camping trip

I know...I have been terrible about posting. I'm sure that I have lost all of my loyal fans! It's just that I have been feeling lazy and uninspired, besides not many noteworthy happenings going on lately...that is until this past weekend! I apologize and commit to doing better in the future...I hope you will come back and visit me!

So, I convinced Danny to take a day off this past Friday (amazing feat, I know!) and we headed for the hills (the mountains really) to do our very first camping trip all by ourselves! We have only been camping a couple of times since we've been married and it was with my family both times.

We felt so grown up heading out to the wild! We went to the Jemez Mountains that are only a little more than an hour's drive from our house, but a world away! It was so beautiful!
As soon as we got our camp set up (and after the rain subsided!) we went on a little hike to Jemez Falls.
On the trail
The falls and scenery

It was just gorgeous. The kids even got to play in the pools above the falls. That would've been more fun if it wasn't raining and cool at that moment!

Soon after we got back to camp, the clouds drifted away and the sun was bright and warm again. Good thing, too, because we had a little rain get into the tent and soak Grace's sleeping bag, but it dried before it was time for bed...gotta love the dry, NM air!

Around camp
We just stayed over one night...it was a trial run...but the trip was declared a success. We had a great time and survived a night out in the woods. And best of all, we created some fun memories!

Side note: Here are the skies over our house this evening during one of our monsoons. Just beautiful!
The pictures do not do it justice! Click on the pictures and you can see that it is a double rainbow, full arches. It was just too close to get a full picture. I just love the NM skies.


Karalee said...

I just keep coming back to check, so you haven't lost me. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I am not blogging much, either :) The camping trip looked like a lot of fun! Glad you convinced your man to take you on a short trip and hopefully it will be longer next time!

shay said...

That IS a great camping site-- the lake just makes it perfect! Gotta love the summer monsoons in the desert!

Emily Widdison said...

Maybe we'll go camping this weekend since it seems, I'm not doing ANYTHING else! Nada...no contractions yet and I'm dying!

Does this camping trip take the place of Jesse's father and sons? Or did they end up going after all?

Great pictures and a fun family outing! We miss you guys!

Dannielle Dilger said...

When I first saw your blog title I thought you went camping solo with just you and the kids - I know you drove from CA to NM by yourself but that would be crazy.

kim said...

I love the rainbows!!!! the kids were just asking the other day why we never see rainbows when it rains here--I guess the sun just doesn't come out soon enough. those are gorgeous!

Becky J. said...

How fun! Joseph has been begging me to go camping this summer. We'll see if we ever actually make it. Maybe if I weren't prego I'd be more enthusiastic about it, but sleeping on the hard ground just doesn't sound very fun right now. Glad you had a good time, though!

Rosey Posey said...

Every time you post pics of that beautiful NM scenery you make Uncle Moobs want to move there even more! Loving and missing u!

Sabrina O'Malley said...

What a fun trip. We keep talking about camping but have not made it yet. Way to go and I'm glad it was a success.

Patti said...

Howard and I haven't done the solo camping thing yet either, but we aspire to. I am officially inspired. So fun to see pictures. Amazing the way kids just keep growing!

Joanne said...

I love all the camping pictures - how fun to have such a pretty place so close.