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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A family outing, among other things!

Saturday we took advantage of the 75 degree weather to get outside and do something fun. We went to a place nearby called the Petroglyph National Monument. It is a place with lots of volcanic rock that the Pueblo Indians carved pictures in.It was interesting and fun. We climbed around and looked at the pictures and enjoyed the view.Behind us is the great city of Albuquerque."Take pitcha my sucka, mommy!"
It was a beautiful day and we were glad to have a little exercise as well.

Randomness to follow:
I can't wait until Dylan cares that make-up is only for girls!I have a hard enough time getting motivated to put make-up on in the first place...it makes it even harder when I have to share the experience...every time!

It's about time these kids start earning their keep!Grace is such a good little mother to James. She loves to hold him and carry him around...even when he cries (the boys always want to hand him over when he starts fussing!) She doesn't even mind doing diapers. She's a big help...sometimes too much!


laura said...

you guys do the funnest (most fun?) things together! you all look fabulous--i like the sling for james. if i have another one....
that's great that grace is such a good helper. i've got on-again-off-again help. i've never had anyone want to change a diaper. madeline and gretchen will take pace in the bath with them, though!

Becky & Joseph said...

Wow, when you said Albuquerque was flat, you meant it! Holy cow! Looks like a fun hike, though.

And that's so sweet that Grace is such a sweet mamacita to James. I get the helping too much thing from Sophie, too, but I just keep telling myself that at least she's trying, right?

Joanne said...

What a fun place to go exploring! I was thinking the same thing about the sling - where did you get yours? I'd love to try Henry in one (he ends up sitting on my hip a lot).