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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Fun

We had a fun Easter this year. We decided that we were going to do our Spring Celebration on Saturday so that we could have more time, but more so that we could leave Easter Sunday for the real meaning of Easter.
The Spring Bunny made his visit on Saturday morning bringing lots of gifts and goodies. And, of course, eggs to hunt!We even had some bunny pancakes!No one said that I was an arteest in the kitchen, but my kids thought they were cool...and that's who really matters!
And, of course the obligatory Easter dress up pictures. I only got a couple because we were running late to church as usual!We had a yummy dinner with our friends, the Hatches...and that just about sums up Easter 2009. We hope yours was fun, too.


The Pierce Family said...

I think the bunny pancakes were terrific! I'll have to do some of those next year. We also do the Easter Bunny on Saturday which has really worked well the past few years. Your kids are so cute!

Rosey Posey said...

Rabbit Pancakes... so awesome! I want one!