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Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 Funerals and a Blessing

When I received the news of Natalie's passing, I quickly made flight arrangements to attend her funeral. The day before I was to fly out, however, I learned that Papa had passed away as well and then quickly canceled my plans, got ready, loaded up the kids and made the 13 hour journey to CA.
Natalie's funeral was on Saturday and it was a very nice tribute to her life and all the goodness that she left behind.
Danny flew down on Saturday morning and since we were in town and hadn't blessed James yet, we decided to do it then with all of our family (only Danny's dad was going to be able to make it up here for the blessing, which was going to be today.)
Danny gave James a very sweet blessing and it was extra sweet because we were able to be with both sides of the family.After the blessing we had lunch at Danny's brother's house. It was fun to have all the Thatcher cousins (except Drae...we missed ya!) together. Thanks, Steve and Kirsten for having us all over!Tuesday was Papa's funeral. My sister, Jamie and brother, Ben, both gave excellent tributes to his life. My cousin, Shannon, wrote a wonderful poem for Papa and his former students and colleague also shared great memories of his life. It really was a celebration of a life well-lived. After the funeral we went to the cemetary to dedicate his grave and lay him to rest along side our dear GG. Then we were back on the road to head home.
It was a quick trip and it was so nice to see family and friends. Next time, though, I would like it to be for other reasons than for funerals. I think I have reached my quota for a while.


laura said...

you look so grown up with your 4 kids! i still sort of picture you with just 2....

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Hope you don't mind me "spying" on your blog a little bit. You've got a beautiful family! I'm so sorry you've had so many funerals, but it looks like some great opportunities were created to have some special family time. I can tell you're doing some great things with that family of yours.

Jen Lynn said...

I heard about Papa's funeral the other day. I've got some great memories of him too.

What a tough/great weekend.

No joke, btw, I hope you don't have to worry about any more funerals for a while.

Mel said...

I'm sorry you've had such a rough week or so. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know!

Karalee said...

It was great to see you, but next time it would be good if we could get together for some fun times at the beach, or a vistit at the house, just not sadness surrounding our visit!