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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The joys of Fall and Halloween

At any given time we can have any number of neighborhood kids at our house raking and jumping into piles of leaves. We have the only good-sized tree in the neighborhood. They have so much fun and it is fun to watch them enjoying themselves. Now if only I could get them to pick them up!

Now...on to Halloween! Can I first just say that I am sooooo glad that it is over! It seems like we just do marathon holidays! We have been "Halloweening" since Friday night and I am just ready and glad to be done. Although a fun time was had by all.

This is at our neighborhood party. Can you believe all those kids! And that's just about half of the kids on our whole street!

The many faces of Jesse! How many costumes can we fit into one Halloween?

This is Grace with her buddy Katie (she lives across the street and they have become inseparable!) at the ward Halloween party. Oh and Grace insisted on doing her own make-up, Lovely!

Dylan with his pal, Luke (he lives next door.) Dylan absolutely loved going trick or treating and he carried his bucket the entire way with a "death grip!" Wo unto the individual who tried to help him carry it!

Our three little trick or treaters

Having fun in a shopping cart with neighbors, Emily, Isaac, Luke and Kyle Widdison (he's are pushing the cart) They're so much more fun than us!!

Last, but not least, these were our Jack-o-lanterns carved quite expertly by Danny.

We hope that you all had a fun and spooky Halloween as well.


Melissa said...

Your kids look so cute. I hardly recognized the vampire( I found his cape at the beach house). Claire loved yelling at people for candy. You know, you've heard her!

Jill Hunt said...

You guys sure are the hang out spot! I love all of Jesse's costumes.

Ashlee and Bill said...

SOO fun! And I love the multiple costumes, what a hoot! And I love the makeup job, precious.

The Lambson's said...

Great pictures of all of Jesse's costumes. Good thing you guys had lots for him to choose from! What sort of make up did you use on his face? It seemed perfect. We had a hard time getting the right kinds for our kids.

Becky & Joseph said...

Your kids looked so cute on Halloween! And I thought Jesse had a different costume at the ward party than he did at the MBA party. What a cute kid!

Joanne said...

Darling pictures! It's so fun to see what you guys are up to these days.