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Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm it!

I've been hit by the tag that has been going around...at least it's not a flu-bug, so things could be worse! This is actually my first of two tags...so stay tuned for the second.

What is your hubby's name? Danny. When I first met him I told him that he was too old to be a Danny. Nice, huh?
How long have you been together? Met on October 23rd 1999, married September 9, 2000.
How long did you date? Dated 5 months, engaged 5 months
Who said I love you first? I honestly can't remember, but I'm sure it was him!
Who is taller? He is by 5 or so inches. (I always dated the 6'+ guys [I'm 5'3] and decided that I had had enough of the neck strain. He's just the right size for me!)
Who is smarter? I am and he hates that! He's much better at school than I ever was. I'm too lazy to put in the effort.
Who does the laundry? Mostly me, but he pitches in quite a bit.
Who does the dishes? Same as above.
Who sleeps on the right? Right now, he does. I always sleep on the side that is closest to the door...to get to the kids!
Who pays the bills? I handle all that stuff, but I have it all on auto-pay...I can't be bothered to think about that stuff. If I have an unusual bill that I have to write a check for, it is usually late!
Who mows the lawn? Whoever has the time. We haven't had to do it a lot in our marriage. I try to get to it first because it'll take him all day to do it!
Who cooks dinner? 99.9% me. He will fix dinner for the kids frequently (heating up chicken nuggets, etc.) but I do most of the cooking.
Who drives when you are together? Mostly him...unless he's tired of being bossed around!
Who is more stubborn? Me...he's pretty easy-going.
Who kissed who first? He asked if he could kiss me (it was his first kiss ever!) and after it was over he said "is that it? Where are the fireworks!" Yeah, that's gotta make you feel real good about yourself! He had seen too many movies.
Who asked who out first? I invited him to dinner with my whole family...really nice to do to a shy guy! He was a good sport.
Who proposed? He did...he took me out to the desert where they were having a Poppy festival and after the festival we went out to a Poppy reserve where wild California poppies grow all over the hills. He proposed while hiking around there.
Who has more siblings? He does-2 sisters, 3 brothers. I have 1 sis, 2 bros
Who wears the pants? I get my way most of the time. I'm trying to hand the pants over to him, but he's just too busy to accept them!!

Well, that was a fun trip down memory lane. I now tag Jeni C. (gotcha back!) Jessica, Sonja, Emily and Becky. Go to gals!


Emily and Kyle said...

um, I have been tagged a million times and I have yet to do it...maybe someday I will...:) Great to read yours though!

Joanne said...

I love it - you can learn the most intersting things from these.

Sabrina said...

Very fun and informative reading.I would also like to mention how lovely your feet are in the previous post. The joys of pregnancy.

Sonja said...

Great post! Very fun to learn more about you. I don't think mine will be as interesting. It's good for me to think about these things every once in a while before I start to forget them.

Thanks Poppy! :)