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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The problem with being lazy...

is that it takes so much longer to catch up! This is going to be a long post...sorry, but I just need to catch up on a few things!
St. Patty's Day
Our neighbors across the street (appropriately named the O'Malleys) had an Irish tea party for the kids...they had a blast.
Thanks, Sabrina! We had a little trouble with the sun, that is why they look like they are all sleeping!
Talent Show
We were in the MBA talent show this year. Grace and a bunch of the daughters of other students performed a Princess dance. It was really cute.
I was surprised, though, that Grace refused to wear her Sleeping Beauty dress. But, that is Grace, ever her own person!
Jesse, Danny and I were in a CTR Superhero skit...I just tried to upload the video and there was an error, so I'll have to get to that tomorrow...maybe. I just have too much ground to cover this evening and it is getting late!
We went to a little carnival fund raiser up at the Marriott School on campus. A fun time was had by all.
Yeah for Cosmo!
Easter Fun
We had a fun Easter this year. We had an Easter egg hunt the Thursday before Easter with the MBASA...Emily and I were in charge of it (our last major activity of the year!) and it was a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed their Easter buckets and then we had dinner with a few of our neighbors. It was a lovely day. Here are some pics:

And of course, one of the family:

What can I say...we do the best we can! If I can't get all the kids making a good face at the same time, I just pick the one that I look best in!
Like our festive window?
Is there anything cuter than a baby and a puppy? Not much that I can think of. And I don't like dogs all that much!This really doesn't catch the cuteness of it all. This is my in-laws new little puppy (she's a long-haired, double dapple dachshund.) Like I said, I'm not big on dogs, but seeing Dyl with this cute little gal makes me want to get one just so that I can see all that cuteness! But then I remember that I would have to take care of it. I have too many other little bums and noses to wipe. Maybe when they are a little older?!?
Dylan, the Destroyer
And yet more evidence of his reign of terror at the Thatcher homestead:
That was a brand new box...yep, 100 little slippery sacks all needed to be stuffed back into the box, not as easy as you might think!
I can't turn my back on him for a second or I have to clean up similar messes. Here is a sampling of the past few incidences:
-Dropped something down the vent in my van, now it makes a horrible clunking noise because the door that switches from hot to cold can't close completely (it will cost $500-600 to rip the dashboard apart to get it out!) Luckily the noise stops after a little while, so we will not be getting that repair done anytime soon!
-While cleaning the bathroom, I turned my back for a moment to find Comet dumped all over the floor...luckily he did not try to eat any of it...that could've been bad!
-It is not unusual to find him playing in the toilet or climbing up on the sink and soaking everything in sight. I try to keep the bathroom doors closed at all times, but I have 2 other kids that are not as conscious as I am...so we have the occasional (or not so occasional!) mishaps.
He sure keeps me on my toes...luckily he's so darn cute! That's the only thing that keeps him alive most days!
And, finally: The Job Hunt!
Danny flew to Ford this past Friday...we should be hearing from them in the next day or so. Danny said that he felt pretty good about the interview and he really liked the job description, the plant, etc....so we shall see. He flies to NM for an interview with Intel this Friday and then to AR on Monday to interview with Walmart...surely something has got to fall into place with all this flying. Fingers still crossed and many prayers sent up on this behalf. I have faith that we will end up where the Lord need us. I just want to know where that is...is that too much to ask? Will update as soon as I know more.
Phew! I hope you were able to stay with me through that whole riga-ma-roll. Will be better in the future about shorter more frequent posts...hopefully!
Hope you all had a fun March...anxious to see what April has in store (hopefully a job!)


Joanne said...

Thanks for the update! Sometimes those are my favorite kinds of posts - lots of great pictures and stories. Hearing about all the fun MBA activities makes me kind of miss the grad school days. But only those fun parts of it. Not the waiting for a job part.

I laughed when I saw the picture of Dylan and the sandwich bags - Lizzy did the exact same thing a few weeks ago, but we were still at Wal-Mart, and she somehow got ahold of the box in the cart without me noticing and started pulling all the bags out. Fun age, huh?

Emily and Kyle said...

Not waiting for an offer anymore! congrats again! Great catch up post. I must say, I am not very happy that you will be moving so far away (if you accept)...but I guess I'm glad you won't be homeless and jobless.

Sara said...

Congrats on Ford. Jason would love to be there someday! Cute pictures of the kids!

P.S. I need to get the Easter pictures from your camera one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Aren't the babies sooo much fun:-P

Mother said...

How ever will you find such a wonderful bunch of friends? I envy your last 2 years meeting such great children and parents alike. But knowing you sweet Pop...it won't take you long to find another great support system.