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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Goodbye GG

A gracious woman has been taken from us today. It was my grandma that we affectionately called GG. She will be terribly missed, but I am so grateful that she is able to return home and be released from her ailing body. She was 88 and lived a full and wonderful life. She was married to my Papa for 66 years just this past Memorial day.  They had the kind of love that we all dream about!  He will turn 90 this Sunday and I know that he already misses his sweetheart. That is the saddest part of her passing.
GG was the loveliest of women. She was hard working and always believed that a job worth doing was worth doing well and completely. In an attempt to teach me this as a child, she tied me to the dishwasher with a cord just long enough to reach the cupboards after getting frustrated with my constant dilly-dallying. You see, my grandparents lived with my family for most of my life. I'm sure that I was not an easy little girl to live with, but GG loved me all the same.
GG had the best mind of anyone that I knew. She was an ace speller and I was fortunate enough to inherit that ability from her...of course that was before my mind had atrophied from lack of use and childbirth!
GG knew the value of a dollar...after all, she was a child of the depression.  She was very wise and thrifty with money long before it was in vogue! 
My GG would never be caught dead (no pun intended!) without her bright red lipstick.  I remember on Christmas mornings, we all had to wait until GG was dressed with lipstick on before we could run out and see what Santa had brought us.
GG was quick to laugh, swift to serve and always there for her family.  She loved the Savior and His gospel.  She was quietly faithful and a true stalwart.  She was a great example to me and all those who knew her.  
GG was as classy as they come, even up to the very end.  I know she is happy to be free and I know she is waiting patiently for her beloved (she was really hoping that they would go hand in hand-a true romantic!)
GG, we love you and we will miss you.
(PS-when I get my life back from MI, I will post some pictures of this wonderful lady)


shay said...

I emailed your mom my little memories of GG and one of the things I said was that I felt so privileged because I was allowed to call her GG too. She was our SS teacher for a time, but I could never bring myself to call her Sis. Fitzgerald! She was my BF's gma, so she was always GG to me! She will be missed. That was a beautiful post, Poppy.

Jen Lynn said...

I have lots of good memories of GG and Papa. I always remember them as some of the friendliest and happiest people that I knew when I was little.

Sorry about your loss, but it sounds like it was time, no? Good luck to your grandpa.

Grancy said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. We all loved her. She always reminded me of how a classy person would look and behave. Please give our love to your family. Nancy

Teresa Brower said...

I too love your GG and Papa. I'm thankful for their example of eternal love. They were always so kind and considerate of each other. How fortunate you kids were to have them in you daily life! Love you, T

Holly said...

I am so sorry to hear about GG. I was only able to meet her a couple time but I have never heard anything but wonderful things about her. Her and Papa are one of the sweetest most loving couples I have ever met. Hope you and your family are comforted at this time.

Holly said...
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Holly said...
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White Family said...

Poppy I am sorry to hear about GG. I remember when Mike and I had to do an interview for school and GG was gracious enough to let us into her home and interview her. I remember thinking... "what a classy lady." She was so sweet to us. She will be missed. I am sure that there are many in heaven happy to have her home.

Julia Deaver said...

I am so sorry about your Grandma! What a crazy time of life this is for you! So sorry!

C.G. said...

What a beautiful post to your grandma. I imagine she is busy in heaven and keeping a close watch over all of you as well.