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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkins, some funny shaped balloons and a two wheeler!

Now how's that for a title? I know you are antsy with anticipation, so off we goooo!

Grace had a field trip to the pumpkin patch...fun was had by all!On the last few days of Balloon Fiesta, they have what they call the special shapes rodeo (and at night they call it the glowdeo where all the balloons stay grounded, but they inflate and glow from the fire) Friday was the first day of the rodeo and this is what graced our skies.We saw Nemo, the Energizer Bunny, Darth Vader and many more. We were even able to catch up with the sun.Yes, we were all in our jammies, we just jumped in the car, not intending to get out, when we saw Sunny Boy here landing next to Walmart. We just couldn't resist the photo op. However, as I was getting out of the car to take the pics, I remembered that I had a big hole in my pajama pants...Luckily I had a sweatshirt that I tied around my waist.
Balloon Fiesta ended on Sunday and we sure miss all the balloons flying overhead.

Friday night, Grace finally braved the two wheeler and is now off and running.I took her training wheels off last week to put on Dylan's little bike. She was a little upset, but being the mean mom that I am, I told her that she was too old to ride a bike with training wheels (and I didn't want to go buy some new ones for Dyl!) We tried to get her to ride it for a few days, but she would just cry for her training wheels. Finally on Friday we got her to try it. She was a little afraid at first (which is unusual because she is not my scaredy cat) but then she took right off. She asks all the time now if she can go practice...I think she needs a bigger bike!


Molly said...

Wow, that looks like alot of fun!

laura said...

looks like so much fun! pumpkin patches remind me of you and ginger and simi. i guess because we went for preschool?
those balloons are great! thanks goodness for sweatshirts to tie around waists.
grace looks so grown up! she is your child--barefoot.

shay said...

What a fun morning! Love the visual of you in your pj pants that have a giant hole in your rear. I need to pick your brain about Carp--we reserved a spot there for spring break and I just want to know the best area to camp..Santa Cruz or Anacapa? Where in Carp do you rent a house? I'm liking that idea more and more. I think we'll rent an RV to make it a little better... for me!