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Monday, October 11, 2010


Whew...I am all updated. It wasn't as painful as I was fearing it would be.

I am feeling much better and, to tell you the truth, this has been my easiest pregnancy. But I do not like to even be a little bit sick, so I have been putting off most things except the essentials. Then when I started feeling better, I dreaded the thought of all that I needed to update, but I finally took the plunge today and here it is.

I updated by month, so scroll down so you don't miss all the riveting details!

Tomorrow I have another ultrasound and am hoping that they will be able to tell us what we are having.

I will not wait so long to update next time...stay tuned!

PS I added a poll to the sidebar...just for fun!


Emily Widdison said...

I am dying for tomorrow to come! Can't wait to find out!
FUN update. You guys have been busy even though you have been sick! Go You! Kids are growing up way too fast. favorite pic, obviously the one with dylan pouting and James crying.

Steven and Kristi Bernards said...

Saw your blog on Facebook. Such a beautiful family!! Congrats on the pregnancy too. Just had #4 2 months ago and that pregnancy was not as easy as the earlier ones! Best wishes-Kristi