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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What we've been up to...

5/13...We moved from Rio Rancho, New Mexico to Gilbert, AZ.

Kids in the moving trailer

Our new house (we decided to rent {again!} for a year or so)

We are enjoying Arizona so far.  We have an incredible ward that is so friendly and we are excited to be a part of it.  The weather has been pretty mild so far, but we are preparing for the heat!  We like our new house, it's a little strange in the layout, but will suit us fine for the time being.  The neighborhood is quiet and friendly.  We live in a cul-de-sac with a little park at the end, so there is a nice, safe place for the kids to play.  It's not always best to be in a quiet neighborhood when you have 5 noisy kids!!  I will post more pics of the inside when I get it better situated (my mom will probably be the only one who cares!)

Milly in her swing at an odd angle! 

Our little sleeping princess...so sweet

5/17...Danny turned 37.  We are the same age for a month!  Through all of the unpacking we were able to make a yummy ice cream cake and have a little party.

Bathing beauty!

5/22...Milly turned 2 months...NOOOO!  The time is just going by too fast.  I am loving every moment with my little girl and I don't want her growing up too fast!  2 month stats:

10 lbs 13 oz (48%)
22 3/4" (60%)
Head 15 cm (50%)

She is still such a sweet little girl.  She is beginning to smile and react a little more to our funny faces and coos.  Her siblings still adore her and want to hold her every chance they get.  She is sleeping like a champ.  She has a fussy time in the evening from about 7pm to 10pm, it's not too bad, but she needs to be constantly held and bounced during this time.  But then she goes to bed around 10pm wakes up about 3am and then goes back to sleep until 6:30 or 7am.  I'll take a little fussiness in the evening for the trade off of a good night's sleep!  She also naps a lot during the day.  She is by far my best sleeper!  We love our little girlie-bug!

The many faces of Milly!

Even this little guy can't get enough of her...good thing Heavenly Father made babies strong enough to survive their 2 year old brothers!

The kids had a photo shoot of their own!  They did pretty well taking all these pics.
5/30...Memorial Day.  We started out the day having breakfast with two of my oldest and dearest friends Dannielle and Shayla.  We grew up together many moons ago in California.  Dannielle lives here in Mesa and Shayla was here visiting her brother so we met up for a little bit before Shay had to head back to CA.  It was fun to catch up for a little while.

And here are the offspring of just the 3 of us! There are actually 2 more of Shay's kids that were not there.  Shayla has 6, I have 5 and Dannielle has 3.  That's quite a bunch of kiddos!

After saying our goodbyes, we headed out to the old west...Goldfield Ghost Town!  It was fun to walk around and see all the old buildings and see a gunfight.  A nice little diversion from all the unpacking.
And that brings you up to date on the comings and goings of the Thatcher Family.  I'm really going to try to keep this better updated so that we have a better record of our lives!  

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Jen Lynn said...

Wow! you moved??

Jessica said...

loved the update! is arizona supposed to be pretty similar to new mexico for the temperature??

your kids are so cute!

The Crane Family said...

Your kiddos are so cute!! Good Luck in Arizona! :)

Alan and Jeni said...

I always love reading your updates. I hope you guys enjoy Arizona!

Sabrina O'Malley said...

So fun to read the updates. Your kids just get cuter and cuter. I am glad you are enjoying your new home. I always get a kick out of seeing homes and their layouts. But I could just be weird.:)

Karalee said...

The ghost town looks like the perfect place for the kids to explore. How fun! You baby girl is adorable!

Laura said...

glad you're enjoying arizona. cute baby!

TheBurtons said...

poppy- call me! you're so close. my cell is 602-692-4225 we'd love to see you guys :)