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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4 Months!

Milly's 4 month stats
13.4 lbs (45%)
24 1/4" (50%)
Head 16 cm (50%)
At 4 months, Milly is smiling, giggling, ticklish, rolls over from tummy to back, is still sleeping pretty well, spending more time awake during the day, trying to get back to a normal routine after our extended vacation, is such a cute, little, chunky monkey and is still bringing joy to her family.

I wanted to take her 4 month pictures with no clothes on so I could capture her cute little chunkiness!  I know she isn't the chubbiest baby around, but I think she might be my chubbiest.  We love those chunky legs and enjoy squishing them all the time.  She doesn't seem to mind!  Love our sweet Milly-moo!

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