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Friday, November 4, 2011


Here is the rundown of our trip to California...better late than never!

The first thing we did was head for the beach.  We only got in one trip, but it was a great day at the beach (aren't they all!)  Besides family, it is the thing I miss most about CA!

I didn't get a picture of Dylan, he was there...It's hard to hold a baby, watch 4 other kids, try to enjoy the beach and be the photographer!

The main reason for the trip was for Grace's and her cousin, Haley's baptism.  It was so much fun to be surrounded by lots of family and friends for this special day.  My mom and Larry and my dad even flew in for the weekend.

 Again, I wish I had gotten more pictures, but it is difficult keeping up with everything!  Haley's Grandma Cheryal gave the talk on baptism and my mom gave the talk on the Holy Ghost then all the cousins sang "When I am Baptized" while my nephew played the guitar.  It was so special and so personal.  I think the girls really enjoyed their baptism.

The rest of the time was spent mostly hanging out with family.  We did get to go to a pumpkin festival with Danny's family that was loads of fun.

It's always a fun time spent with family.  I wish we all lived closer!

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