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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Fond Farewell

Goodbye to a dear, sweet man. I will always consider him "my prophet." He signed my mission papers (President Hunter passed away just after I turned them in) and has been the prophet for all of my grown up life. I am grateful for his leadership, example, humor and life. He will be missed, but I am so grateful that he is able to rest from his labors and return to his lovely wife, our Savior and our Father in Heaven. I love you President Hinckley. Thank you for a remarkable life of service and faith.


Sabrina said...

What sweet words. I just wrote something similar. Reading yours made me feel like we are all one big family who lost a grandpa or dear friend. I am glad he has finally gone home too.

shay said...

ditto what sabrina said. Thanks for sharing!