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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Soo much fun in soo little time!

We have been busy the past few weeks and since there was so many fun things and so many pictures, I made my first slide show so that you can see them all. Here are some of the events pictured (in no particular order!)
MBA closing social with pics with some of our favorite people in the MBA program (not to say that if you are not pictured, you are not some of our favorite people, we just may not have run into you that evening!) I can't believe that this whole wonderful experience is coming to an end!
Trip to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. There weren't too many tulips this year, but the kids and I had a blast.
Trip to Farm Country. Always a good time.
Neighborhood Concert. Our wonderful neighbor, Emily, held a music class for the kids in the neighborhood for the past year and they had their final concert. The kids sang Skiddamarinky dinky dink, Bringing home a baby bumble bee and Yummu yummy yummy, I got love in my tummy. She was the greatest and the kids were good, too! Then we were treated to a little ice cream. It's no wonder my kids love her best! They are really going to miss their second mom (and so am I!)
MBASA Service Project. We did a service project with the Spouse association, washing the Paratransit Buses. We had a good time giving back to the community.
Finally, my good friend Natalie, from California came up for a visit and we went to visit another Cali transplant, Aubrey, up in Riverton. Aubs just had a sweet baby boy and we went to visit and hold him. It was so fun to see my CA buddies. I sure have good friends.
Here are all the photos...enjoy!

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Jill Hunt said...

We will sure miss you guys when you move. It has been fun having chats with you in your front yard.