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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our first visitor and some other news!

How much fun...We just had dinner with our good friend and family member (he's Danny's step brother in law!) Josh. He's a pilot for Sky West and he had a layover tonight in Abq, so we met up with him for dinner. It was so nice to have a familiar face around, even if it was just for a couple of hours. Thanks for thinking of us, Josh, and putting up with our rowdy bunch for dinner!
In other news...I am feeling a little better, thanks to all the well wishes. However, it is still hard to get the motivation to do anything around the house as I don't feel terrific...Heck, it's hard for me to be motivated when I'm feeling great, so you can understand the dilemma I face! That being said, I've just decided that it is going to take me another month or so until I get my act together, and I am fine with that...I just don't know that Danny shares the same sentiments...unfortunately, he doesn't have much choice in the matter! He's being very patient and understanding, though, I do have to say.
The kids are enjoying the new house and settling in pretty well. They are, however, missing our old neighborhood with the abundance of playmates. I told them today that it just takes a little time to get to know more people. They are being patient (as can be!)
We did go to a place called It'z today that was lots of fun. It was a Chuck E Cheese-ish place, but way better. We went with some new friends from our ward. The kids had a great time playing and I enjoyed visiting as well.
An update on the kids...
Jesse is getting excited about starting 1st grade. They begin school on the 20th of August...that means we only have a month left of summer! Bummer! He's really looking forward to making lots of friends.
Grace is loving having her own room. She will be even more excited when I can get it together enough to decorate!
Dylan is continuing his destructive behavior! The other day I got out of the shower to find that he had climbed up onto the counter in the kitchen, got hold of a knife and chopped all the bananas to smithereens. I was just grateful that there were no fingers included in the massacre! He's becoming quite the little independent kid, which has its pros and cons, but I am loving not having him attached to me at most times.
I was hesitant to put out another post without pictures, but I know that I enjoy updates with or without pics...hopefully my camera will decide to come home soon!
Tomorrow...10 great things about NM...stay tuned, I'm just too tired to do it now.


Emily and Kyle said...

take your time on the motivation thing. I have! I started feeling a little bit better around 13 weeks and it is getting better every day. You will get there! I can't wait to see pictures someday of your new place! miss you guys!

AMBER said...

Yeah, take your time with being motivated-even if it means Danny has to suffer just a little bit longer. Can't wait to see pics. Once school starts up that will help out a lot. Especially since it is all day now. Yeah!

White Family said...

This is for Dyl "Wree Wree Wree"... that is the best knife stabbing sound effects I could do from Psycho. How scary! Glad it was only the bananas! I can totally envision Grace enjoying a room of her own. I can' believe Jess is starting 1st grade... how time flys! Glad to hear you are feeling better.