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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Settling in

You know how I mentioned that one of my favorite things about NM was the lack of bugs??? That can no longer be said! Take a look at a member of our welcoming committee...he showed up and met his demise the first night in our new house. I'm just glad we got him before he got us...and I hope there are not anymore like him!

That is a nickel beside him, just for size reference. He looks to be some kind of wasp or hornet...yikes! In addition to him, Danny killed a giant cicada, downed several wasp nests from around the house, sprayed many an ant and just this morning offed a black widow. Welcome to the neighborhood! This house has been empty for some time, so we are thinking that it just needs to be rescued from the wild! There is a lot more foliage in this neighborhood and we are just 2 blocks from the river, so I attribute the abundance of insects to these two factors. There is a trade off wherever you go. So far, I will take the bugs. I love our new place.

I finally finished up cleaning the old house yesterday, so now I am able to focus on getting settled in to the new...it's been a little slower than I would like, but we will get there...eventually.

Yesterday we took a much needed break from the moving and settling to explore our "Backyard". There is a good trail along the river and it literally took us two minutes from our driveway to this:

We took a little walk along the banks of the Rio Grande, hunted for good skipping rocks and spent a little time skipping them. It was a nice break.

Last night we were invited to a new friends' house (from our new ward) for a BBQ and a little swimming. It was a lot of fun and we are feeling welcomed into our new ward and neighborhood.

I am hoping to get things situated here soon and will post some pics!

Just for fun, here's a pic of my little trooper that has been somewhat ignored throughout this whole moving process! Good thing for his new toy!
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laura said...

that river looks great! i'm glad you like your new place. those bugs are scary, though. i feel your pain. i'm glad you sing when you clean. now when i clean and sing (bike and sing, too) i can picture you and know i'm in good company!

Rosey Posey said...

Wasps and black widows and ants oh my! Glad to hear you are settling in. Nice pic with the nickel next to him... It made it that much more yucky and scary.

Emily said...

gross bug!
fun walk! Ihope you are liking your new place--sounds like it.
So happy James got a fun toy.
We miss you guys!

Dannielle Dilger said...

I am glad you like your new place - walking along the river would be so pretty. When we moved here we had scorpions - they are horrible! But I haven't seen one since April - Yae!

Joanne said...

I can't believe you're so close to the river! My boys would love that - it looks like such a good place for exploring. Minus the bugs of course - hopefully some of it was because it hadn't been lived in for awhile. When we first got to our apartment during our internship here, there were bugs in every drawer/cupboard, etc., and I was a little freaked out, but after the initial clean-up, it got way better.