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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A trip to Explora

Explora is the children's museum here in ABQ. Danny had taken a week off for the move and we took a few hours off of moving stuff to head over there (we got a yearly membership.) It was a much needed break for the kids. Notice how I said "the kids". Are these things really a break for the parents??

Here is Dr. Dylan. He kept holding up this magnifying glass and saying "I the doctor" It was really funny. He does look like he is doing some really important experiments!
Building a damThe magic of air movement!Yep! The picture selection is staggering, I know, but unfortunately on this trip, I was juggling a squirmy baby and three unruly children that were finding it very difficult to take turns...So that's all folks. It's nice having the membership because I didn't feel bad when we had to end the trip a little early. I hope our next trip is a little less eventful!

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Joanne said...

What a fun place! We have a children's museum in Austin, but I never go - this makes me want to get a membership.