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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

***3 is so much fun***

Happy birthday to my favorite little 3-year-old (yesterday!) I actually sorta spaced his birthday this year until his Aunt Rose left a message on my phone wishing him a happy birthday (Thanks, Rose!) Luckily she called early enough for me to get my act together. I did already get him his big present, but I just forgot the morning of...I know "bad mommy!" But I was able to recover and give him a fun day nonetheless!

Opening presents

The only thing that he asked for (everyday for the past month!) was a "BIG GUN"! He got one along with a Batman "socca" ball, some sidewalk chalk and a "M'queen" shirt. It was so cute, every time he opened his presents he hugged the item and said "my favorite!" I tried to catch it on film (or memory card!) but he was over it too quick! I made him open the gun last because I knew the other items would be ignored once it was openend. I was right and for a while I wondered why I bothered with any of the others. But today he is enjoying all of his presents.

And on to the cake.

Cute concept and intention, lousy execution. The caterpillar turned out cute, but I ran out of time and patience to finish the sun. Let's just say that I won't be commissioned to decorate any cakes anytime soon (or ever!) Luckily my kids are very forgiving and thought that it looked great! They're my biggest fans (sometimes!)

I can't believe my little guy is 3. I'm glad he had a fun day even if his mommy temporarily had a brain lapse! (He's part of the cause, anyway!)

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Emily said...

you are forgiven THIS time for forgetting your son's b-day but only because you just moved and have your hands full:)only kidding...you are awesome!!
I meant to send a card, does that count? Something will probably end up coming soon.
WAY cute cake! Love that cute little caterpillar!

laura said...

the cake's still pretty cute, if you ask me. pace is asking me if you're "eatin' your cookie".

Joanne said...

Looks like a fun birthday - I'm sure he didn't even realize you'd spaced it. I love the caterpillar cake.

Rosey Posey said...

It looked like Dyl had a great party. I am always impressed with your birthday cake ideas Poppy. I just got back from San Fran so tell Dyl his birthday money from us is in the mail. Then he can go get a really big water gun or something. Love you guys!