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Monday, August 24, 2009

For Grandma Cindy

Grandma Cindy (Danny's mom) is very generous with gifts for the kids...she spoils them, but I guess that is a grandma's prerogative! She is also very early with birthday gifts. Here's a picture of Grace in this year's gift (her b-day is 9/29) so that Grandma can see how it looks.
Grandma Cindy loves her dutch roots and picked this cute dress up in Solvang. Solvang is a cute little dutch town about an hour north of Santa Barbara in California. Grace wore this dress the day she went in for testing at school and received many compliments. Thanks, Grandma Cindy!

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Rosey Posey said...

Mom is so funny how she wants every girl in the family to have these dresses. Glad Grace enjoyed it.