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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did ya miss me?

So, I was gone for a little while because I got a nasty virus on my computer. Luckily our EQ president is a computer guy and was able to fix it...real cheap, too, a dozen cookies and we were good to go! Everyone needs a computer friend...and a doctor, a mechanic would be nice, a lawyer might come in handy...but I digress! So what have the Thatchers been up to?

*Grace found this lovely thing in her bathroom last week:Hands down the most disgusting thing that I have ever found in my house and had to kill. Yes, that is a quarter next to it. Danny was not home, so I got to do the honors. I put on one of his big shoes to do it, because I was sure that my little flip flop would not cut it. I was right! Even with his shoe on, I could feel it. My skin still crawls to this day just thinking about it. Yuck!

*We went for a fun morning walk along the bosque. It is so fun to have this trail just minutes (seconds really) from our doorstep. We walked farther than we had previously and found a beautiful wooded area. It was such a beautiful morning.*Dylan the photographer! Who could blame him, with such a cute little subject, he just couldn't help himself! I just wish he hadn't got a nice picture of my messy house!

Finally...we had another birthday, a happy one we know!
Our little Goose turned 6. We love our little princess and hope that she had a fun and special day.


Jen Lynn said...

That thing makes me shiver just looking at the picture. I can't imagine real life. Eeesh.

That baby of yours is a cutey. I can't believe he's that old already.

laura said...

i did miss you! glad you're back.
1. that crawly thing was way too scary for me. i'm glad you had danny's shoe to help
2. what a great place you guys live! i love your outdoor pictures
3. cutest baby ever, and the house wasn't even "messy"
4. is grace really 6? that's crazy. i like her curly hair in the pictures.
5. i found a dairy/soy free chocolate bar you might like if you're still in the market: the brand is "enjoy life". you'll have to get it at a health food store, but it might be worth it!

Rosey Posey said...

That bug is freaky! Goose looks so happy on her birthday... and awesome cake again Poppy! Can't believe J.E.T. is so big already.

Joanne said...

That bug is awful! It gives me shivers. I love all your picture collages, though - I can't believe you have such awesome areas to hike around right by your house - how fun to be so close to the river. Grace's birthday cake is amazing!! It looks like I'm going to have to copy you once again - I think both Rachel and Lizza would absolutely die to have castle cakes on their birthdays next year.