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Monday, November 23, 2009

A lesson in global economics

Jesse and Grace are becoming very aware that everything (or most things) are made in China. They are constantly looking for the labels on all of our products and then enthusiastically proclaiming their origin. They were shocked this morning when they discovered that James' binky was "Made in Germany"! When Grace made this discovery, Jesse had to see it for himself before he would believe it. Anyway, I didn't realize how common this occurrence was in our home until this afternoon. While we were waiting in the car to pick up the big kids from school and listening to the radio, Dylan exclaims: "I know this song...it was Made in China!" It was cause for a good laugh. He says the funniest things! He's catching on. I used to think that Spanish was the language to learn...I think I'm going to have my kids learn Chinese!

**side note: after dropping the kids off at piano, Dylan says "I not going to suck my thumb anymore cause I going to be a big boy." That lasted all of 5 seconds when he recanted with "but I am still a little boy!" and popped his thumb back into his mouth! Funny boy!**


laura said...

very funny. also funny is that the binky was made in germany. who would have thought?

Janalynn said...

kids say the cutest things. My kids are getting older, so I have to enjoy what other children say. Thanks for the laugh! I need your address for christmas cards.