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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Smarty pants Jess

Sunday, on our way home from church, Jesse was telling us about what his class had done for sharing time in Primary. He said that the lesson was on how to make our homes more holy and that he held up a little truck. I asked him what the truck symbolized, completely expecting him to say "What does that mean?" Well, he didn't skip a beat and said "Do you mean what does that represent?" Well, yes that is exactly what I meant! These little people are often a lot smarter than I give them credit. They keep me on my toes, for sure!
BTW- the truck "represented" helping to pick up your toys and sharing them. He then proceeded to tease Grace mercilessly all the way home...Does that help make our home holier???


Lindsey Ramage said...

Way to go Jesse! Not only did you drive your sis nuts but your mom too!!! They are so smart and smart alix's too! Miss you Poppy! Happy Thanksgiving!

laura said...

baby steps, right? he doesn't want to get too perfect too fast. a little teasing will take the edge off his perfection.

Karalee said...

He has always been a smart boy and it does not surprise me at all that he knows the meaning of that word! He must get it from his mom!

Joanne said...

Haha! I love it. What a smarty-pants!