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Sunday, February 26, 2012

11 Months

Milly is a girl on the move. She is enjoying her increased independence and abilities. She especially loves taking off when I get her diaper off...me, not so much! She sure is cute, though!

I didn't do a post for 10 months, so I'll have to do a little catch up. She has been quite busy these past two months. She has become very adept at crawling and prefers it to being carried. Which means she is always a mess. She especially loves crawling around outside. With winter this year being mostly in the 70's, she's had lots of opportunities to be outside. She also loves eating rocks, leaves, sand and sticks...I can't wait for her to get past that stage!
She has started pulling herself up and cruising along the furniture and she just discovered the thrill of walking while holding on to our fingers.
She got her top two teeth and enjoys using them, much to our dismay. I'm hoping she doesn't go through a bad biting stage like Jesse did...that was awful! She is also an expert pincher, again, a skill we'd happily do without!
Milly is still a happy, sweet little girl. And we love her the mostest!

Isn't she pretty? (I might be a little biased!) Don't mind James, he had to get in on the photo shoot, too. I think he's pretty handsome as well.
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kim said...

She is adorable--love those eyes!

Karalee said...

What a sweet little one! I can't believe how big the other's are getting!

Alice said...

I forget how fast those precious little ones grow! It seems so long ago since mine were little... She is adorable!