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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Stuff

A random photo shoot at McDonalds. "Take a picture, Mom!"

 Jesse took a spill on his scooter and we ended up in the urgent care. Luckily his wrist wasn't broken, just a sprain. He was a little disappointed that he didn't get a cast, but he did get a cool splint and a sling. I think the coolness of a cast would've worn off quickly. He's doing just fine now and is not even wearing the splint anymore. Thank goodness! Here's a picture of him waiting at the urgent care.

We took advantage of the 75 degree weather and headed out for a little hike in the San Tan Mtns. Beautiful day and beautiful scenery. The also had a little demonstration on panning for gold and the kids got to try their hands. They each ended up with several nuggets of "San Tan gold" (gold-painted rocks!) That was much more fun than trying for the real gold flakes! It was a fun way to spend half the day.


A Valentine's dinner for all my little (and 1 big) Valentines. Heart-shaped pizza, red jello, chocolate-dipped strawberries, sparkling cider, balloons and candlelight were all on the menu. The kids loved the "fancy" dinner. I love my cute, funny Valentines!


John said...

Yeah, I had to laugh at the thought of *wanting* a cool cast -

Sabrina O'Malley said...

I love your fun Valentine's dinner. I really should do more, my kids would be jealous. :)Plus it looks like a lot of fun.

Alice said...

We love you and your cute valentines too! Miss you sweet friend!