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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some things we've been up to...

We spent New Year's eve with some friends and rang in the new year with New York (we were done by 10pm!) I didn't get any pics, but we had a fun time.
New Year's day brought the traditional "put Christmas away" day. We got done pretty quickly and had the rest of the day to play.
Day after New Year's it was a beautiful day, so we decided to head to the zoo. The animals were mostly all out enjoying the day as much as we did. We have a really fun zoo here, it's big enough to have lots to do, but small enough that it can be done in a few hours.School started back up for Jess on the 6th, giving us all a little break from his constant pestering. We love that kid, but are not loving this new phase of his existence. Any hints on how to minimize the effects of this phase of boyhood?
Grace got back together with her Sugar 'n' Spice Club. We had a birthday party on Thursday. All the girls, except for Grace, have their birthdays in January. We decorated crowns and cupcakes and had a grand ol' time.Dylan decided to do a little redecorating the other day. I guess he decided that the living room couch did not have enough color, so he took it upon himself to rectify the situation. I happen to agree with him, but we have different ideas of how to go about it. I would just add some throw pillows (which I did) but, Dylan's technique included a bright blue crayon!This picture does not do it justice! Luckily with some upholstery cleaner and a little elbow grease, we took care of the problem. Lucky kid, I may have had to trade him for a new one!
Finally, I got a new calling. I am the new choir director for the ward. I am excited about it. The toughest part will be finding a good time for practice, it has been rough getting people out, so I am hoping that we can get something going. We have 4 wards that meet in our building, so practicing right before or after church is not an option. We'll make something work!
So, what have you been up to lately?


Jen Lynn said...

re: Jesse
Last night I was talking to my friend who said she used to keep a water bottle in the fridge and when her boys were being mean, she get it out secretively and spray them in the faces with cold water without saying a word. It made me laugh. Dog training, cat training, AND boy training.

laura said...

you will be such a great choir director!
it sounds like you guys are still loving new mexico--i'm trying not to think about how i almost got to live by you.
i want to see the throw pillows you added to rectify your no-color situation...

Teresa Brower Timms said...

See if you can talk your Bishop into making a Sunday School class called, Music Appreciation - have your choir practice then - hey, I think it's a great idea - nobody has to make a second trip to the church, or come early to church, or stay late - and there's already a nursery!

Good luck.

Joanne said...

Poppy - I finally got a chance to begin catching up on people's blogs - I've loved reading all of your latest posts. You're such a creative writer and I love reading about all you guys have been doing.

Also, I love your family photo on your header.

Elizabeth has become a big fan of your blog, because she loves to see pictures of her current favorite people to talk about - you and Jesse. She asks me daily, "Mom, who was that one boy who saw me when I fell in the water? And then Poppy got me out?" She loves that story.

Emily and Kyle said...

Busy, busy! Love that Grace has a little girlie club. What a great mom you are! Great art work Dylan...luke has been doing the same thing around our house! We had to take all coloring utensils away for 3 days as a consequence, it was tough on Luke.