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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A year in review 2008

In 2008, we:
Started out the year on the beach in CA. 70 degrees and beautiful!Turned 6Celebrated Easter (and tried to get a decent family shot-try being the operative word!)Got a "Master" daddy!Went to "The Happiest Place on Earth"Hiked the Y before leaving "Happy Valley"Moved from our neighborhood and fun friends
Got derailed
Got back on track
Got a new "State" of mind and being!
Found out about #4
Lost a beloved grandmaLost a good friendLost a tooth (or two!)Turned 2Chased some balloonsTurned 5Became superheroesPlayed at our favorite beachAnd had our first Christmas away from familyWow! What a year! I hope that your year was just as fun and exciting...Can't wait to see what 2009 holds (I'm guessing not nearly as crazy!)


Karalee said...

Love the pictures! It will be nice for your family to be more settled this year! Just wish it was back here in Simi. We sure miss you and your family!

Dannielle Dilger said...

That was really cute - I want to try to do that. I don't know if I will I still have to do a Christmas blog.

Emily and Kyle said...

What a fun post! I might copy you someday...but for now I'm just wondering what I'm going to do when my mom goes home today. Can my kids come over and play???:)
I think the worst part of your year, was definitely moving away from us!

shay said...

you are a busy lady...fun post!

The Pierce Family said...

What a fun recap...loved the idea. But hey, you forgot your wonderful visit with old friends.