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Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Merry Lazy Christmas

...the best kind!
We had a quiet Christmas eve and day. It was very pleasant.

'Twas the night before Christmas and the Thatchers had a plan
Homemade pizza they'd make as best as they can
They rolled and they stretched and twirled them up high
But it still didn't look much like round pizza pie!That's ok, they still tasted great
We ate and we ate 'til we emptied our plates.

The kids got in jammies like they were told to do
Then back downstairs for a reading from Luke 2.
The Christmas story we read so the children could hear
All about the real reason behind Christmas cheer.Then on to the presents, each child got just one
Slippers for all, they thought they were fun!We snuggled up tight and turned on a movie
So far our Eve has been pretty groovy!

Then kids off to bed so Santa's helpers could prepare
Wrapping and stuffing, homemade cinnamon rolls if we dare!Miracle of miracles, we were done by 10 o'clock
Look under the tree, you'll find it well stocked!Now time for Mom and Dad to settle in for a rest
Morning will be here soon and Christmas morn' is the best.

Okay...enough with the rhyming, my brain hurts!!
Christmas morning was really fun and relaxing. The kids opened their presents, enjoying each one. Then we had a yummy breakfast. The cinnamon rolls were my first try (thanks Shay for the recipe!) and they turned out really good...well at least the parts that were all the way cooked, the middles were a little gooey. But, Jess declares that I make the best cinnamon rolls ever. They're still pretty easy to impress at this age...I know the time is coming when I will not be so lucky.
As we were eating breakfast, I observed that this was the first Christmas since we have been married that we have eaten breakfast in our own home and without rushing to be at several locations throughout the day. It was definitely a relaxing, lazy day. The kids played with their toys, Danny watched the Lakers and I didn't have to change into jammies for bed...I was still in them. It was a good day. Here are some pics:I hope you had a wonderful day, too!


kim & co. said...

As much as we love to see family on the holidays, those where we stayed home have been our favorite Christmases. Its just so much less stressful and the kids sleep so much better in their own beds, which equals a less-tired mama so the whole day is more pleasant. Looks like you had a fabulous day. And those gooey centers are my favorite part of the Christmas cinnamon rolls :) I have to remember to cook them a little longer so everyone else will enjoy them, too.

shay said...

Looks like you had the same nice, lazy day and yummy cinnamon rolls that we did!! Those are really the best Christmases..the lazy ones:) Enjoy it while you can--do you make your kids wait at the top of the stairs an come down one at a time, youngest to oldest like we do? Looks like it! Great job on the cinnamon rolls--did you do the yummy cream cheese frosting? I'm just making myself hungry again!

Emily and Kyle said...

Our day was nice and lazy too! I made all food the night before (and did all the present wrapping the night before that) so all we had to do was pop things in the oven! I have an awesome and super easy cinnamon roll recipe that always turns out great (mine have always been cooked in the middle)...let me know if you want the recipe. You will know that they are easy because I have made homemade cinnamon rolls about 3 times in the last 2 weeks...yum. My kids are in heaven with the baking that will soon come to an abrupt halt. Doc. appointment...further along than I thought..hopefully by this weekend we will have the baby.
Love all the rhyming. Very creative lady you are! Cute slippers. I'm not showing Isaac those slipper pictures because he will beg for them. Looks like all your kids were very happy. I was in my p.j.s all day too!:) gotta love it.

White Family said...

Poppy you have become quite the writer! Watch out Dr. Seuss. I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas. We love and missed you on the holidays. Have a Happy New Year!

AMBER said...

Okay first of all, I love that family photo at the top on the beach. It is sooooo great! I want one like that. Third, the tree looked great! Fourth, so did those rolls. I'd love to eat them all by myself. Well, have a merry new yearss. We're still working on the New Mexico thing. Trust me. We are working hard on it.

Alan and Jeni said...

We had a very similar experience this year and we LOVED it too. There's nothing better than enjoying leisurely time at home with the family and especially staying in your pajamas all day!

Mandy said...

You put so much thought into your blogs. You make me feel really lazy. Ryan and I were just saying how we wanted to start making pizza part of our Christmas tradition.

Nanda said...

What a great relaxing Christmas! I ventured out to visit my family and it's been a little hard on the kids having no schedule and not being home!
I love your cute Christmas card!

Mattson Family said...

Sounds like the perfect day! Your kiddos are getting so big. You have such a beautiful family. Congrats and good luck with the one on the way.

Paula said...

I found your blog from Laura's and Karalee's. Love to see your kids and how cute they are. Jamie misses them. Glad to see you are enjoying your new home.

Harrison's said...

What a great Christmas! You're so creative with the poem! We stayed in jammies all day too and I decided it would be a great tradition to keep up. You have such a cute family!!