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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving down....On to Christmas plus a Family Fun Day

We had a fun Thanksgiving. It was the first time that I hosted it at my house. We had a family in our ward over for dinner, The Hatches, because they were family-less, as well. The food was great and we have been eating it everyday since. I made some yummy sweet potatoes that ended up being my favorite! The pies were great, too, I just wish I had made a couple more! These are the only pictures that I took. I was too busy eating, serving and visiting to remember to be the photographer, too!The day after, we stuck to tradition and decorated for Christmas. Only one ornament was broken. It was a snow globe type that broke on the couch with water, glitter and glass. Luckily, it cleaned up a lot better than was expected! This year we bought a fake tree with the lights already strung....best way to go! I have pine-scented candles that will be just fine. We've had bad luck with trees dying before Christmas was even over. We also have a little tree that the kids got to decorate all by themselves, that way I was able to do mine without too much help! it's fun to finally have a house to be able to decorate. We had fun.Dyl lately looks like he is in pain when we try to take pictures...it's his best "Cheese" face!
On Saturday, we took the kids to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science...it was a free day! The kids had fun exploring the universe and taking a trip through the ages.This one is my favorite, Dyl would close his eyes to "look" into the microscope and say "dark"! But he's really good at sports!Wow, take a look at that belly...and I'm not talking about the triceratops!
So, that was our holiday weekend. Nice and relaxing, for the most part...now bring on Christmas, I'm almost ready!

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Hucks in the Hood said...

I think you look beautiful!!!

I just sorted thru our Christmas card photos that we had professionally done, and I totally hate my hair. Everyone else looks great, but it was cold out so my hair got weird. We're always the hardest on ourselves... huh?