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Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

I had the best of intentions to get Christmas cards sent out this year, but alas, I have failed yet again...so this will have to suffice. I will get my act together next year (hopefully!)Here are the Thatcher ABC's of 2008 (in no particular order!):
A - After 2 years of work, work, work...
B - Danny graduated from BYU in April with his MBA. We were (and still are) very proud of him. Way to go!
C - Chicken nuggets have become extinct at our house as we are trying to develop some better eating habits among our offspring. It makes for quite an interesting dinner hour!
D - Dylan turned 2 in August. The terrible two's hit seemingly overnight. Although he can be a little destructive and such, he is so funny and fun to watch. He learns a lot everyday and is growing up so quickly.
E - In June, we learned that we were Expecting our 4th little one...a boy!
F - Got a job with Ford...lost a job with Ford!
G - Over the summer I lost two loved ones, my dear Grandma that we affectionately called GG and my dear friend, Ginger. At those times we were especially Grateful for the Gospel that gives us hope in a joyful reunion to come. (Many G's this year!)
H - Hot air balloons grace our skies daily and the kids never tire of pointing them out. They have become a little less frequent with the colder weather, but we still see them a couple of times a week.
I - After a scary turn of events, Danny was given a job at Intel...we were definitely blessed and looked out for in what otherwise could have been a very difficult time.
J - Jesse will be 7 next month...he's so grown up, I've already rounded him up! He is doing really well in the first grade and his teacher has nothing but good things to say.
K - He is also loving his Karate class.
L - Our new home abounds with Lots of rocks, dirt and overall brown-ness and very Little trees and grass...we Love it anyway!
M - We made a Move to...
N - New Mexico. And we actually love it...who knew?!
O - The kids are looking forward to Opening their presents on Christmas morning.
P - Poppy enjoys her little family and is looking forward to her new addition (and wishes that it wasn't still two months away!)
Q - Danny and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in September and were amazed at how Quickly the time has flown. Time flies when you're having fun...at least that's what they say!
R - Rio Rancho is our new city.
S - Grace just turned 5 in September and missed the cut off for School by a few weeks, so to keep her occupied and socialized we started our Sugar and Spice club that meets once a week. So far, we have baked, made crafts and had a pajama party. Grace loves it. She loves learning to read and has a habit of Spelling out all the words she knows in regular conversation. She also loves her gymnastics class.
T - The kids love their Trampoline (with net, for those of you that were concerned!)
U - Many, many Ultrasounds for this little guy because of my Advanced Maternal Age status and the baby having fluid around his kidneys...what a blessing that he is all right.
V - We feel Very, Very blessed with how everything has fallen into place for us.
W - We love the Weather here in New Mexico although it can get pretty Windy at times. (we're told that we haven't seen nothing yet...apparently it gets crazy Windy in the spring time.)
X - We are eXcited to see what 2009 has in store for us! (I know...cheater, cheater!)
Y - Another Year down and many more to go!
Z - We enjoy our Zoo pass. The zoo here is a lot of fun and it also includes the botanical gardens and aquarium.

OK so that was way harder than I thought it would be and didn't turn out as cute and I wanted it to be...but it's late and it's what you get!

On a more serious note...
We are so grateful for this time of year that helps us to focus on the Savior and reminds us of the great love that He has for us. It is a time to reflect on our blessings and how we can better bless those around us. It is a joyous time and we are thankful to have this time to share the Christmas story with our children and help them to remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas. I love their innocence and their ease of believing. I pray that we can all have that child-like joy that Christmas brings in all its goodness.
Here's hoping that you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a happy, happy new year.
The Thatchers


laura said...

very cute--i might have to steal your idea if i can't get christmas cards out this year--well, they're actually going to be more like new years'/valentine's cards at this point anyway. it was fun to read your years' update!

Poppy said...

I love so much seeing my New Mexican family in all their Christmas finery. How precious you all are. I am missing you so much this year and believe it to be the first one without you in my nest...but how happy I am that you are all so happy where you are. I love reading you Sweet Poppy and I love the good little mother you are. How proud you make this mother. I feel especially blessed right this moment for my dear son-in-law Danny. He has sacrificed much for my daughter and grandchildren and for that I will be ever grateful. Thank you Danny for being such a loving father and husband and son-in-law. With much love and wishes for a Merry Christmas. Mom/Grandma Christie

Mike said...

Thatcher! Wow, We're so happy for you guys. New Mexico sounds great! Merry Christmas & a Happy Healthy New Year.


The Schube's

Joanne said...

Poppy - That was so creative and fun to read! I can't believe you came up with something for every letter, and it actually made sense and seemed very informative. Anyway, I don't think you need to be apologizing for no Christmas cards - that was more fun and probably took more effort anyway.

I love your family picture and the one of the kids, too. You guys look great!

Emily and Kyle said...

Is this your first Christmas card ever? I loved it! Great pictures and fun to read. We just got about 10 inches of snow...tons and tons everywhere! The kids love it and it is fun having a very white Christmas. I'm whispering to this baby to wait until January and I actually think she will listen! We hope you a Very Merry Christmas!!

Giving up chicken nuggets? You must be crazy, or very very wise. We don't let our kids have it for dinner, but I would die with out the usual 3 items for lunch...sandwiches, corn dogs and CHICKEN NUGGETS!!:)

Megan and Mike said...

Poppy, Great way to stay in touch and post a great Christmas Card. I loved it and thank you for sending one to us. I loved seeing how the kids are growing. I do miss you so much and being able to talk to you more often. I will have to change that in 2009. Have a great Christmas and talk to you soon. Love Melinda

Becky & Joseph said...

That was really cute (what do you mean it wasn't?) Very creative and fun! Merry Christmas!

Julia Deaver said...

Such a cute idea for a Christmas letter! I loved it! I am so glad that you are loving New Mexico. It sounds like you are having lots of fun out there. I am really glad that your baby is healthy, thank goodness for those wonderful Ultrasounds! Merry Christmas!

Sabrina said...

I showed the girls your pictures. Katie had many questions but all Rachel could say was "I miss you Gracie". We all miss you but love hearing what a great time you are having. Merry Christmas!

PS Don't feel bad. I still have to email out my letter :).