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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random Saturday

We had our ward Christmas party/talent show last week. It was nice. Our family sang Santa Claus is coming to town and I sang What Child is This? Danny bowed out of Kermit this year, we didn't have enough time to get prepared and he claimed he had a "frog in his throat!" (haha!)
Here are a couple of pics (sorry, no videos of the award-winning performances-really not our best work!)We had our first snow-ish day. It's funny how excited the weather people get about the Big Storm that is headed our way. Here's the height of the storm:Doesn't that look intimidating?...the "drifts" were gone in minutes. But the kids had fun and I guess that's what it's all about. We are hoping to get a little bit of snow built up in our yard, we have a fun little hill in the backyard that the kids are looking forward to sledding on. I am told not to hold my breath, it's rare that they get a good snow pack here in the valley. Oh well, I'll take it!
Here's a funny pic of Grace and Dylan. Dyl got a little scared on a part of Scooby Doo (one that he has seen a hundred times) and grabbed onto his big sis. I wanted to get a picture before they realized what I was doing, but Grace saw me and posed quite effectively, it was better before I snapped!Here's how Grace fell asleep last night. She's my little night owl, she "reads", colors or does puzzles after we put her to bed at night...sometimes for a long time. We don't mind as long as she stays in her bed.Finally, just this morning: "Mom, take a picture of dis"Cute boy.
Hope all your Christmas plans and projects are getting done and you are able to enjoy this time of year. Except for a few stocking stuffers, we are all done with our shopping. We just finished last night...Yeah!


Sabrina said...

Too bad you did not get yourself on video, you have a beautiful voice. I would like to have heard you sing a solo.

I also liked the picture of Grace in bed. Rachel is our night owl. Maybe a pile of books would help her calm down.

Emily and Kyle said...

bravo for the musical talent of the Thatchers! I just sent your package today so it should get there by Friday or Saturday. Are you guys staying in NM for Christmas?? We had our first snow storm a few days ago so maybe we will have a white Christmas. I had my doc. appointment...it looks like we will make it to Christmas (and most likely into Jan) so I am happy about that. Love your "snow" pictures:) Have a very Merry Christmas!

Karalee said...

Too bad there was no video of your performances.
I took a break from my merithon of Blog updates to read yours. We almost got a good snowfall, but it didn't get quite cold enough!

Familia Fitzgerald said...

I remember when Frances used to fall asleep surrounded by shoes and toys! haha That picture of Grace is so funny!