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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Naturally Sweet

I have a friend in our ward that is starting up a photography business and wanted to photograph James for her portfolio. So, yesterday we went over for a shoot. Unfortunately, James was quite the temperamental little model and was too fussy, so Grace was all too happy to step in! After about an hour and a half of trying to get pics of James, we threw in the towel, and I was ready to leave. Just as soon as I got James dressed, he perked right up and was cooing and smiling, so we were able to get a few shots of him. Click here for a few shots of Grace and James. (you have to scroll down to May 5th.
Thanks, Holly, I can't wait to see the rest!

PS: I added a few posts today, so make sure you see them all!

PPS: Contrary to popular belief, I did not serve my children chicken nuggets and candy the other night when I was highly praised for the dinner put forth...FYI, I served BBQ chicken (on my new BBQ, thanks again Jamie and John!), roasted Yukon Gold potatoes (tossed with olive oil, kosher salt and rosemary...Yum) and corn (from a can...would've been better on the cob!)


Joanne said...

Oh, I love them! Grace looks so pretty! I think I need a professional photographer friend now.

Rosey Posey said...

Those pics are awesome. She is really good. Your kids are natural models I swear!

laura said...

wow! those pictures were worth the hour (plus) frustration. they are really fun.

Emily said...

so sweet and adorable. FINALLY a perfect picture of James...sorry Poppy, but your friend is way better than you;) I've waited long enough to really see what he looks like in a very vibrant and clear and beautiful picture, tell your friend thanks!
Loved all those pics you just posted. I asked Luke today if he remembered you and he said yes, we lived in the old house and they lived with us and Dylan was the baby. I told him he wasn't a baby anymore!!
p.s. I thought James had dark hair and eyes, but he fooled me.

Sabrina said...

I love the pictures!!! We tried taking pics of Abri naked too and she also did not like being so exposed.

Becky & Joseph said...

Those are so so sweet! What adorable kids you have. I've had fun reading all your latest posts. I get so behind! It's fun to keep up with all y'all are doing there, though.

Also, my cousin just got her mission call to Albuquerque! She doesn't go into the MTC until August so she wouldn't be there until Sep., but you'll have to keep an eye out for a Sis. Lamb. She's awesome.

shay said...

REally cute pics...love the bright colors and the balloons!

Brittney said...

The pictures were beautiful. It is so fun to have professional pictures. My girls are... well lets just say they are the reason a digital camera saves me money. I have more pictures of the back of their heads then I want to admit.