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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Great to be 8!

Yes...I now have an 8 year old. Jesse had his 8th birthday yesterday and we've been celebrating since Saturday.
We only do birthday parties at 5, 8, 12, 16, etc. (for now!) so this was Jesse's year for a party. We gave him the option of having a party here at the house or taking a friend to this place called It'z (kinda like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids!) so he took the second option and off to It'z we went on Saturday with his friend Jacob.
Sorry...I have a new camera and I am trying to get used to it!
We had a fun time at the buffet, on the bumper cars, little roller coaster and playing games.

Monday night we had his family party.
Last night (his actual birthday) was the Pinewood Derby at Cub Scouts and because he was officially 8, he got to participate...He was so excited.We spent the weekend making his car. We're not sooo into it that we did all the tricks to make it the fastest, but he did come in 1st on one race and got an award for the "Sportiest car."And James was there cheering everyone on...this was his first time clapping and he got the hang of it real quick...so cute!Also while at the derby, Grace got elbowed in the face and lost her first tooth (it wasn't very hard...it was a really loose tooth!)It was a night of firsts...first cub scout event, first applause and first lost tooth.

A fun birthday time for Jess and the rest of us. Now we get to look forward to his baptism on February 13th...another first for this little family.


Sabrina said...

Hooray for everyone and a big Happy Birthday to Jesse!

Joanne said...

Happy birthday to Jesse! I love that racetrack cake - you do the best cakes. I also love the idea of only doing parties for certain ages - I never do parties for my kids, but maybe I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed by the idea if I knew it wasn't every year.