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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's fun to be One!

Saturday was James' first birthday. It came and went without much fanfare! Poor little 4th child! On Sunday I decided to at least make cupcakes for the little guy if for nothing else than the photo op! (And the fact that I could really go for a good chocolate cupcake!)I tried to get a shot of the cupcake before he devoured it, but he grabbed that thing the second I set it down. My other kids were all a little apprehensive with their 1st birthday cakes, but not this kid...he lit right into it without any hesitation! He seemed to enjoy it, but he never did smile...funny boy!

This is what the cupcakes looked like...They were really yummy...chocolate with caramel frosting. It was my first attempt at making a cake not from a mix. The frosting was delicious and the cake was ok....I would like to find a better chocolate cake recipe and try it again. Also it was my first time piping the frosting on instead of spreading. It was super fun and easy although these turned out a little "cowpie"-ish! I think it's just the color!

Back to my little 1 year old...At one he is a good eater (finally) and is so much fun and sweet. He loves to play "fetch" and "chase". He has the sweetest smile and cutest laughter around. He is pretty wiggly at church and just wants to crawl around wherever we go. He is still super tiny. I don't have his check up til next week, so I don't have his official stats, but he had an ear infection a couple weeks ago and he was about 15 1/2 lbs. He is still not sleeping through the night and is getting up an average of 3 times per night. He's lucky he is cute because he may not have survived his first year otherwise! He has had a cold/ear infection for the past couple of weeks, but seems to be getting better, so it is time (again) for Mommy to crack down on this kid's sleeping habits!

Here's a new trick that he learned yesterday...Look at those skinny legs!

We love our little 1 year old and are so glad that he came to our family!


Joanne said...

Happy birthday, James! I can't believe he's one already. The cupcakes look delicious.

Karalee said...

I think your cupcakes look like flowers the way you piped the frosting on. How dimestic you have become, making cakes from scratch :) Your little guy is so cute! I can't believe he is already one! Congratulations on a new milestone.

Ashlee said...

I have a GREAT chocolate cake recipe. It should be in the MBASA cookbook if you got it (2007). I'd love the Carmel frosting recipe!

Emily Widdison said...

holy skinny legs! Wow!! He is adorable, skin, bones and all! Very cool cupcakes. I'll have to send you a chocolate cake recipe...it is delicious:)
What kind of high chair did you end up getting? is it the same I've got? Just curious.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I want a cupcake! Happy Birthday little one. :)