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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Funny

My kids have been talking about the Super Bowl (or do I have to say "the big game!?") for a couple of weeks now. They keep asking me and Danny if we are for the Saints or the Colts. They must have friends that talk about it at school because we are not what you would call football fans. Well, last night, Grace and Jesse were talking about the Super Bowl again and then Jesse says to me, "So what is the Super Bowl? Do they just all go bowling or something???" I guess the kids at school did not go over all the finer points of the big game!


Jessica said...

hahaha. that is so funny! i don't really follow football myself even though this is a big game for everyone else in my family.

i was going to comment on the last post about how CUTE james' skinny little legs were in those last pictures. i can't believe he's already 1! time is flying by SO fast.

Sabrina said...

That is too funny. We don't really follow the NFL here too much. CG checked the score a few times so he doesn't look like a nerd at the office tomorrow.

Happy Birthday James!

Laura said...

ha! i love kids.

shay said...

...or.... she's her mommie's daughter:)

Joanne said...

Haha! I love it when you think kids kind of have an understanding of something, and then you come to find out they are way off.