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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, I forgot....

to post 1 year pics of James and his stats!Ain't he cute?

At 1 year he is 15lbs 11oz (<5%) and 27 1/2" (5%). Still on the puny side, but still just my little heart-breaker! The doctor ran a few more blood tests, just to make sure that there is nothing causing the lack of growth, but it all came back fine...he's just a little bean!
It's hard to get a good picture of him because he won't sit still long enough. He is pretty quick at crawling and is pulling himself up and cruising around the furniture. He even stands unassisted for a millisecond on occasion! He's getting into everything lately. He has a few favorite cupboards that he empties on a regular basis and we are training ourselves to keep the bathroom doors closed because he loves to play in the toilets! As we speak (write?) he is under my desk pulling things out of the trash can. Whatever keeps him happy!! I don't know that this kid will ever sleep through the night. My training is just not going well at all. I feel like it is hopeless!! Again, I say, he's lucky he is so cute!

We just love our little, smiley guy!

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