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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 things to love (or at least like a lot) about New Mexico

I was going to post this a while back, but life got in the way.
As you all know, I was less than thrilled to come to New Mexico. If I had rated the 50 states according to desire to go there, NM would have been dead last! That being said, I truly believe that NM gets quite a bad wrap. At least from what I can tell thus far.
So without further ado...here is my list in no particular order.
1. The weather: The weather here has been terrific. It has not gotten above 95 or so since we've been here and it seems that it will get into the 90's for a few days and then it will drop back to the 80's for a few more and it always cools off at night so the mornings are cool.
2. The nearly nightly thunderstorms: I know that this kind of goes along with the last one, but it deserves its own number. Several times a week in the afternoon the clouds will roll in bringing about 10-15 minutes of rain, but lots and lots of thunder and lightening. The kids (especially Jess) are not too hot on this, but I rather enjoy it.
3. The shopping: It's big enough to have everything that you need, but small enough to not be overcrowded. I have been to Target and Costco on Saturday and will do it again. This is something that would not be attempted in Provo unless there was a dire need! Also, everything that I could possible need is in a 5 mile radius from where I live...bonus! There's also a Deseret Book, however, that is within 10 miles...not too bad.
4. No bugs: Well, hardly any. There are very few flies, hardly any mosquitoes (I've seen one or two) no cockroaches, etc. I have seen a few crickets, quite a few stink bugs and lots of ants, but I' ll take that. The ants were the only ones to invade my home (several times!) I can leave my back door open and maybe get a fly in the house every few days.
5. The hot air balloons: Nearly every morning we have hot air balloons that grace the skies around us.And occasionally they will land in the "Sahara desert" behind our subdivision and we get to see them "up close and personal" and even get to see them deflate. It's a lot of fun for us to chase them down. One time the kids got a card from the pilot and this time the balloon guys gave them each a pin.6. No allergies: or something. Those of you that know Dylan know that he had a runny nose for a year and a half straight and trouble breathing from time to time. I just have to tell you that he has not had one runny nose or breathing episode since we have been here. That is almost reason enough to like it here! I also have trouble with my allergies from time to time, but haven't been bothered at all, so far.
7. Danny's commute: He has a total of a 2.4 mile commute each way. He loves it and I love that he is home early. His commute in CA was about an hour, sometimes more. One downside for Danny is that his car will last many, many years at this rate, so he can't look forward to a new car anytime soon. But, it is nice to know that we will have a good long time without a car payment. Also, with gas prices the way they are, that's another bonus.
8. Our ward: Our ward has been so great. We are making lots of friends and we really love it...that's all I can say!
9. No traffic: I don't have to go on the freeway too much, but when I do it's nice to know that it is unlikely that I will be stuck. That being said, people here do drive pretty slow and they have cameras at several places that will take a picture if you are speeding or running a red light, so I have had to adjust my driving (I've already gotten 2 tickets since I've been here, one being caught on camera!) It's nice, though, to slow things down and not be in such a rush everywhere.
10. No yard work: practically! We do have to pull a few weeds every now and again and mow our little patch of grass, but one thing that can be said about the desert landscape is that it is low maintenance. That being said, I would take the extra work for a little more green in my life. But, for now it is nice to not have to spend every Saturday slaving away.

So there you have it. I do have to say that NM is a well-kept secret. We are really enjoying our time here and enjoying all the things above.
In other news...Jesse started school this week (and I forgot to get a picture!) I'm not loving the school schedule (9-4) but I guess we'll get with the program here soon. He also pulled out his second tooth on the first day of school. The tooth fairy behaved herself this time and did not disappoint.
Grace had her first gymnastics class today and had a great time. I don't know what she likes best, her class or dressing up in her new leotard. It may be a tie. She and I are going to be working on learning to read this year and she is super excited about it. I'm still disappointed that she couldn't start school. Oh well, it will be good for me to spend some one on one time with her.
Dylan is still my little cute monster. He is most definitely 2 which I'm not loving the most (ie: temper tantrums, yelling in protest and all the "No's.") But, he is also getting more talkative, which is fun. A couple of funny things that he is known to say...Whenever we get into the car, as I am putting him in his car seat he yells "booning, booning" (Burning!) I have to tell him that, no it is not burning and then he says "ok!" Also, he has started to be interested in watching shows and his favorite the past few days has been Winnie the Pooh. When he wants to watch it, he will come in and say "poop, poop" and it takes me a minute to realize that he is not telling me that he has a poopy diaper.
Danny is doing well at work and will be going to AZ on Thursday to do something....I'm not quite sure, but it sounds important!
Me, I'm just plugging along, trying to get used to all the changes taking place.
And that's all she wrote...for today anyway.


Emily and Kyle said...

I'm so happy that you are happy! N.M. Sounds great! But I still think Arizona is better:)
Those hot air balloon pictures are amazing!!

Emily and Kyle said...

no runny nose? I can't believe it! That is wonderful!

White Family said...

Ok... you have sold me. Mike has horrible allergies, I hate yard work, I like warm weather, I hate crowds, I like living close to everything, I especially like hardly any bugs!!!! Bugs scare me so to live somewhere with hardly any... I would be in heaven. So we will be your new neighbors... ok?

Jessica said...

i'm so glad you're liking it there! it does sound like a well-kept secret, because honestly i would have ranked it 49th on the list of places to live (50th being reserved, of course, for alaska -- but i'm sure there are probably wonderful things about living there as well).

ethan won't start school here until 9:10 which i think is rather late for school. and its only half-day. so he'll be home by 11:57 on the bus. that's lame.

anyway, it was fun facebook chatting the other day. we'll have to make plans to do it again...

Melissa and Kevin said...

Wow- I hope we get to live in New Mexico some day- it sounds great!

Becky & Joseph said...

Hooray for loving where you're living! We are very jealous of Danny's commute! I've heard before that NM is a cool place, so it's great to hear you agree.

Karalee said...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying it! The commute sounds like a dream! Did Natalie tell you that Todd got a job?

Joanne said...

Wow, that does sound nice. Too bad Texas is so darn big or we'd be able to drive right on over for a visit. I love the hot air balloon pictures!

kim & co. said...

That sounds great--All of it!!! Glad that you are enjoying things and getting settled in well.

I'm so not excited about long, full-day kindergarten, but luckily we do have one more year before I have to face that. I keep hoping I can find some alternative.

Dilgers said...

I always thought NM would be a great place to live...I think I just like the southwest because I am loving it here in AZ..hot weather and all. You are so lucky to have those balloons in your backyard. How beautiful is that? One day I am going to come visit during the balloon festival...and then you come spend the night with me on your way thru LA. That is when we get settled...hopefully sooner than later. We are here in AZ in a furnished condo. Our house still hasn't sold and most of our stuff is still in Vancouver. We made an offer on a short sale home and we don't know how long that will take so we are just in limbo. But I am enjoying swimming with my kids and Mike is here so we get to hang out with them to. It is nice being next to family. Glad to hear you are feeling better - that was funny about you being AMA. Talk to you later.

Dilgers said...
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Patti said...

So fun to hear how things are going in NM. Reminds me of AZ but not so hot. I'm so glad you're liking it. The hot air balloons sound so cool. I'd love to hear your ideas for teaching Grace to read. I really want to start doing that with Ella, too. She's going to a Christian preschool and I think they're too busy talking about how Adam and Eve were disobedient and teaching her memorized prayers and christian rock to learn about reading (just kidding--sort of). I miss you!

shay said...

I think you're right...it's the sahara in the US. It reminds me a LOT of Tucson, but I'm glad you like it! Total opposite of the beach and what you're used to...hey, I guess it IS the beach, you just don't have the ocean to go with it...there you go---you've got your beach, and LOTS of it.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Sounds wonderful!